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Microsoft Security
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Microsoft Security Partners

To address cybersecurity, Microsoft invests in a broad set of technology, industry, and government partnerships. Together, we are making a safer world.

Security is a team effort

Integrating for better security

Products and solutions from Microsoft and our partners work seamlessly together to provide comprehensive security options.

Fighting global cybercrime

Microsoft partners with global law enforcement to help stop cybercrime and better protect democracy.

Working with industry peers

With our partners, we’re leading the charge to establish cybersecurity standards for people, companies, and data.

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Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA)

MISA is an ecosystem of premiere partners that deliver best-in-class security solutions for our shared customers by integrating with Microsoft Security products to better protect against cyberthreats.

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Government partnerships

Cybercrime is borderless and impacts victims everywhere. Microsoft partners with governments around the world to improve cybersecurity and privacy of companies, campaigns, and democratic processes.

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Industry alliances

Microsoft is working to help create a safer, more secure world in lockstep with alliance partnerships across the cybersecurity industry.

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Empower everyone to be a cybersecurity champion

Browse learning paths, certifications, and dive deep into our cybersecurity training and research.

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2023 Security Partner of the Year Awards

Find a security partner

Microsoft has a broad set of partners to help you select, integrate, deploy, and manage security solutions. Whatever your business size, there’s a Microsoft partner for you.

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