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Emerging Threats

Defend, attribute, punish deterring cyber warfare in the age of AI

In a Microsoft-supported issue brief from FP Analytics, researchers explore possible NATO cyber deterrence strategies for the AI era. Key insights include AI's impact on cyber operations, holistic resilience, and effective retaliation strategies.

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Intelligence reports

How Russia is trying to disrupt the 2024 Paris Olympic Games

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Intelligence reports

Inside the growing risk of gift card fraud

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Intelligence reports

Same targets, new playbooks: East Asia threat actors employ unique methods

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Security is only as good as your threat intelligence

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Business email compromise

Breaking down business email compromise

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Protect your organization from ransomware

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Meet the Experts

The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Podcast

Hear stories from the Microsoft Threat Intelligence community as they navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape - uncovering APTs, cybercrime gangs, malware, vulnerabilities, and more in the world of cyber threats.

Meet the experts

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Expert profile

Meet the experts tracking Storm-0539 gift card fraud

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Expert profile

Expert profile: Homa Hayatyfar

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Expert profile

Putting cyber threat intelligence into geopolitical context

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Microsoft Digital Defense Report

The latest edition of the Microsoft Digital Defense Report explores the evolving threat landscape and walks through opportunities and challenges as we become cyber resilient.

Maintain practical cyber defense

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Cyber hygiene

Basic cyber hygiene prevents 99% of attacks

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Threat hunting

Learn the ABCs of Threat Hunting


Stopping cybercriminals from abusing security tools

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