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Practical cyber defense

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Disrupting the gateway services to cybercrime

Microsoft, with threat intelligence support from Arkose Labs, is taking technical and legal action to disrupt the number one seller and creator of fraudulent Microsoft accounts, a group we call Storm-1152. We are watching, taking notice, and will act to protect our customers.
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Microsoft, Amazon, and international law enforcement unite to fight tech support fraud

See how Microsoft and Amazon joined forces for the first time ever to take down illegal tech support call centers across India.
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Cyber hygiene

Basic cyber hygiene prevents 99% of attacks

Basic cyber hygiene remains the best way to defend an organization’s identities, devices, data, apps, infrastructure, and networks against 98% of all cyber threats. Discover practical tips in a comprehensive guide.
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Cracked Software

Inside the fight against hackers who disrupted hospitals and jeopardized lives

Go behind the scenes in a joint operation between Microsoft, software maker Fortra, and Health-ISAC to disrupt cracked Cobalt Strike servers and make it harder for cybercriminals to operate.
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Stopping cybercriminals from abusing security tools

Microsoft, Fortra™, and Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center partner to take technical and legal action to disrupt “cracked” legacy copies of Cobalt Strike, used by cybercriminals to distribute malware, including ransomware.
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Pervasive. Quick. Disruptive. 520,000 unique attacks examined.

Pre-empt distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks with up-to-date analysis of DDoS attacks from 2022 and best practices for defense.
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Threat hunting

Learn the ABCs of Threat Hunting

Explore the ABCs of Threat Hunting Guide to get tips on how to hunt, identify, and mitigate cyberthreats to help become more cyber-resilient.
Protect yourself against ransomware as a service (RaaS) and malware attacks

Three ways to protect yourself from ransomware

Modern ransomware defense requires a lot more than just setting up detection measures. Discover the top three ways you can harden your network’s security against ransomware today.
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Using cybersecurity to help manage volatility in the global threat landscape

As cyber threats evolve, it can be tough to prioritize the right steps to take to keep your organization safe. To remain proactive in your cybersecurity efforts, follow these essential steps to help stay ahead of potential threats.
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CISO Insider

Issue 1

Navigate today’s threat landscape with perspectives from CISOs, exclusive analysis, and recommendations from security leaders.
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CISO Insider

Issue 2

In this issue of CISO Insider, we hear from CISOs on what they’re seeing at the frontlines—from targets to tactics—and what steps they’re taking to help prevent and respond to attacks. We also hear how leaders are taking advantage of XDR and automation to scale their defense against sophisticated threats.
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CISO Insider

Issue 3

CISOs share changing security priorities as their organizations shift to cloud-centric models and the challenges around bringing their entire digital estates along for the ride.
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