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Strengthen your Zero Trust posture—a new, unified approach to security is here

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Microsoft Entra ID Governance

Automatically ensure that the right people have the right access to the right apps and services at the right time.

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5 ways to secure identity and access in the age of AI

Help your organization be better prepared for the opportunities and challenges ahead by adopting a comprehensive defense-in-depth strategy that spans identity, endpoint, and network.

Enhance productivity and security

Identity governance increases employee productivity and helps meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Improve productivity

Automate employee, supplier, and business partner access to apps and services—in the cloud and on premises—at enterprise scale. Help ensure that people have access when they require it—without the burden of manual approvals.

Strengthen security

Reduce risk arising from access abuse and make smart access decisions based on machine learning. Set up requirements for recurring reviews to ensure that there is a continuing need for users, group memberships, and access.

Simply powerful. Powerfully simple.

Streamline deployment and operation with a cloud-based product. Support both cloud and on-premises apps. Integrate Microsoft apps plus hundreds of non-Microsoft apps with ease.

Automate routine tasks

Delegate day-to-day resource access requests to relevant business groups, and automate the approval process for customary resource access to help you focus on AI-provided insights and exceptions.

Govern access to your resources

Identity governance for employees and partners

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Automate the entire employee identity lifecycle

Design workflows to automatically create an identity via a signal from an HR system. Gracefully remove access when the employee leaves the organization. 

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Assign employee access to resources

Automatically assign app and resource access based on employee group memberships. Ensure that conflicting access (with app administrators and app users, for example) can’t occur with separation of duties. Delegate access decisions to business groups.

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Allow guest and partner access to resources

Enable business groups to allow access to partners, suppliers, and guests securely via the same robust entitlement management and access review capabilities that employees use—with the same exception handling and rich reporting.

Control identities and access

Automatically create user identities and roles in the apps users need to access, and maintain and remove user identities as status or roles change.

Various cloud-based HR systems, SaaS apps, including Workday, Salesforce, AWS, SAP SuccessFactors, and Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Entra ID Governance capabilities

Get robust identity governance and simple deployment with Microsoft Entra ID Governance.

Entitlement management

Manage the identity and resource access lifecycle at scale, by automating access request workflows, access assignments, reviews, and expiration.

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Lifecycle workflows

Design workflows to ensure new employees are productive immediately—and that accesses are removed when employees leave.

AI-driven and standard access reviews

Ensure that users or guests have appropriate access and still need it, based on automated insight. Enable self-assessment or assign reviewers.

Privileged identity management for users or groups

Automatically mitigate excessive, unnecessary, or misused access to important resources in your organization with time and approval-based role activation.

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Microsoft Entra Suite

Originally starting from $12.00 now starting from $12.00

$12.00 $12.00


Microsoft Entra ID Governance is included in the Microsoft Entra Suite.

  • Unify conditional access 
  • Ensure least privilege access
  • Improve the user experience
  • Modernize your on-premises infrastructure

The Microsoft Entra Suite delivers unified Zero Trust user access, enabling your employees to securely access any cloud and on-premises application, with least privilege access, across public and private networks inside and outside your corporate perimeter. The Microsoft Entra Suite combines network access, identity protection, governance, and identity verification solutions.

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Leadership Compass for Identity Fabrics

KuppingerCole has rated Microsoft as an Overall Leader, Market Leader, Innovation Leader, and Product Leader in the 2022 Leadership Compass for Identity Fabrics.

KuppingerCole Analysts

Leadership Compass for Access Management

KuppingerCole has rated Microsoft as an Overall Leader, Market Leader, Innovation Leader, and Product Leader in the 2023 Leadership Compass for Access Management.

Establish Zero Trust

Secure workforce access

Secure customer and partner access

Secure access in any cloud

Documentation and training

Lifecycle management documentation

See how lifecycle management works in Microsoft Entra ID.

Apps that work with Microsoft Entra ID

Find all apps for which Microsoft Entra ID supports pre-integrated provisioning connectors, and learn how to configure them.

Lifecycle and provisioning concepts

Get an overview of lifecycle and provisioning processes.

Deployment partners

Find partners to help with planning and deployment.

Protect everything

Make your future more secure. Explore your security options today. 

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