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Microsoft Security

Microsoft Security Experts

Extend your ability to defend and manage with a new line of services from the experts at Microsoft.

Now available: Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR

Go beyond the endpoint with managed extended detection and response (MXDR) to help stop attackers and prevent future compromise.

Our expertise is now your expertise

Augment your teams across security, compliance, identity, management, and privacy with Microsoft Security Experts.


Extend your team with help from thousands of professionals at the world’s largest security company.


Get unparalleled reach and data insight to safeguard what matters.


Access the services that best meet your needs at every stage of your modernization journey.

Expertise has no boundaries

Get peace of mind, innovate faster, and reduce the burden on your teams with comprehensive and expert help from the company that invests more in cybersecurity than anyone else.

A diagram showing how Microsoft Security Experts covers security, compliance, identity, management, and privacy.

Services from Microsoft Security Experts

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Microsoft Defender Experts for XDR

Augment your security operations center (SOC) with our MXDR service. Triage, investigate, and respond to incidents to help stop attackers and prevent future compromise.

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Microsoft Defender Experts for Hunting

Let our experts proactively look for threats around the clock using cross-domain telemetry and leading threat intelligence to extend your team’s threat hunting capabilities and improve overall SOC response.

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Microsoft Incident Response

Receive highly specialized response and recovery services before, during, and after a cybersecurity incident to remove bad actors, build resilience, and mend your defenses for the future.

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Microsoft Security Enterprise Services

Get help from highly skilled experts to protect against, and recover from cyberattacks, while strengthening your security posture and resilience.

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“We haven’t found any company other than Microsoft that offers a coherent architecture that combines end-to-end security solutions with such a high and broad degree of productivity, hardware, and interoperability.”

Igor Tsyganskiy, Chief Technology Officer, Bridgewater.

Image of Igor Tsyganskiy, the Chief Technology Officer of Bridgewater
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Microsoft is an industry leader

See why industry analysts and other security experts have recognized Microsoft as a leader.

Work with a Microsoft Verified Solution partner

Defend together with Microsoft. Explore opportunities with security partners offering a verified managed XDR solution.

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