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Empower frontline healthcare workers with Microsoft Teams

Improve health team collaboration and enhance your patient engagement.

Microsoft Teams for Retail


Forrester Consulting study finds a 25 percent reduction in healthcare errors over three years with Microsoft Teams for frontline workers1

Forrester Consulting study

Explore Microsoft Teams for your healthcare organization

Facilitate and centralize collaboration among care teams and across your entire healthcare organization in one app.

Focus on what matters

Help your workforce provide the best possible care by spending less time on manual tasks and schedule conflicts.

Embrace your mission

Empower health teams with tools that help them align to your goals, all while helping to reduce burnout.

Provide the right knowledge

Improve care coordination and patient experiences by simplifying onboarding and sharing insights and ideas.

  • Adapt to a dynamic healthcare market and expand patient care

    Revolutionize telehealth workflows through Teams with scheduling, reminders, innovative mobile experiences, and connection to electronic health record (EHR) systems.

    Easily conduct virtual visits

    Deliver simple, cost-efficient virtual visits with easy scheduling and automatic reminders through email and SMS. New waiting room and queueing experiences are now in private preview.

    Schedule and launch virtual visits within select EHR systems

    Now generally available for Epic and Cerner customers.

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  • Two medical professionals wearing masks having a conversation and looking at a tablet.

    Provide the right information at the right time

    Facilitate collaboration among care teams and across your entire healthcare organization with one digital workspace.

    Reach the right people at the right time

    Centralize communications on a platform that supports text, images, audio, and video with priority notifications, message delegation and secure messaging.

    Enable push-to-talk communication

    Keep close contact with critical staff, such as healthcare support workers, using the seamless push-to-talk functionality of Walkie Talkie.

    Customize and extend your frontline workspace

    Use Graph API in Microsoft 365 to seamlessly sync with existing parts of your digital healthcare ecosystem through Microsoft Power Apps.

    Two mobile phones displaying videos and files stored in Teams.

    Share legacy information and easily access critical data

    Record meetings and Microsoft Stream videos to quickly update new members. Optimize record-keeping by accessing, sharing, and storing documents in one place.

    Rally and motivate your employees

    Create a company-branded experience that brings together relevant news, conversations, and resources in one convenient dashboard.

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  • wo people wearing masks having a conversation.

    Streamline administrative work and patient intake

    Unburden and empower your teams with seamless shift scheduling, task management, and workflow automation so they can focus on what matters.

    Easily manage shifts

    Create team schedules, track time, and empower frontline workers to own their schedules with self-service tools in Shifts.

    Simplify task management and meet new challenges

    Create workflows, oversee task progress, manage approvals, and use apps and automation to help reduce burnout with Microsoft Planner.

    A Cardiovascular risk assessment being done over a text chat in Teams.

    Optimize clerical work and processes

    Turn basic intake into a form patients can answer directly with Microsoft Forms. Address first-order health questions with a dynamic, attentive automated bot.

    Make the most of Microsoft 365 with Surface for Business

    Empower all levels of your workforce with Microsoft 365 and the Surface device portfolio with built-in security features to run the business and collaborative apps they rely on daily.

    The Create a team screen in Teams.

    Tailor Teams through healthcare apps

    Set up and customize Teams with the Microsoft Graph API, healthcare-specific templates, like EHR data connectors and clinical imaging.

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A healthcare professional using a tablet.

Secure messaging

A group of healthcare professionals in a huddle around two tablets displaying patient information.

Care team huddles

A nurse holding a tablet device.

Shared devices and workstations

Two medical professionals having a conversation.

Virtual tumor boards

See how healthcare organizations are empowering their workers with Teams

St Luke’s University Health Network

St. Luke’s Hospital nurtures a commitment to innovation with Microsoft tools.

A medical professional using a laptop.

Fraser Health boosts post-pandemic health services with holistic communications solution

“Solutions need to meet clinical needs for clinicians to adopt them. Microsoft Teams meets those needs, and clinicians already use Teams to conduct virtual video visits.”

Rav Gill: Collaboration Services Project Manager, Fraser Health

A Fraser Health medical center

Transform the entire healthcare journey

Learn how the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare can help organizations deliver better experiences, insight, and care

Microsoft Teams for Retail

Frequently asked questions

  • Frontline workers and managers are shift-based, mobile-first workers. They have various names, such as frontline workers and essential workers, but at their core they’re the people first to have contact with your customers, first to work with your product, and first to represent your brand. They are your store associates, customer service representatives, nurses, doctors, factory operators, and more.

  • The frontline worker capabilities are available in all commercial offerings. Some of these capabilities are not available in the free version of Teams or Government offerings.

  • Learn more about empowering your frontline workforce with Teams on the Teams blog.

  • Effective June 30, 2020, Microsoft StaffHub was retired. StaffHub capabilities are being built into Teams. Learn more.

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1. The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Teams For Frontline Workers, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, July 2022
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