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Microsoft Teams for Retail

Empower all workers, from the shop floor to the top floor. Bring collaboration and operations together in the one app to help store teams stay organized and connected.

An employee of a café using a tablet.


Forrester Consulting study finds a 30 percent improvement in customer experience over three years with Microsoft Teams for retail workers1

Forrester Consulting study

An all-in-one app for modern teamwork on the retail frontline

Give retail teams flexible shift scheduling tools, easier communication, and seamless task management—all in one easy-to-use app.

Give workers flexibility to thrive

Help associates focus on customer interactions rather than manual tasks and schedules.

Create brand ambassadors

Recognize great work from associates and managers and align everyone with company goals.

Provide the right knowledge

Beat expectations by easily onboarding new employees, sharing insights, and collecting new ideas.

Give associates and store teams flexibility to prioritize what matters

Help frontline workers focus on completing tasks and providing customer service and spend less time on manual processes and outdated scheduling practices.

Two screens showing a dashboard and the Walkie Talkie app in Teams.

Enable easy store communication and collaboration

Give associates the modern communication and collaboration tools they need to feel more connected to their company, coworkers, and customers.

Two screens showing conversations with a coworker and with a bot in Teams.

Reimagine store operations and the employee experience

Provide everything teams need in one place. Quickly automate new use cases and reduce the burden on store teams so they can focus on growth and customer needs.

Three screens showing a calendar, a time clock and task details in Teams.

Enhance seamless retail workforce management

Manage shifts with mobile tools connected to workforce management systems. Simplify task distribution and implementation across corporate offices and stores.

Three screens showing the process to sign-in from a shared device.

Safeguard your business with built-in security

Take advantage of built-in security and compliance features that help protect your business without slowing frontline performance.

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Give store teams on the frontline the collaboration tools they need with Microsoft Teams.

Boots Opticians

Boots Opticians uses Microsoft Teams to keep its frontline workforce seeing 20/20 for improved customer care.

A person sitting in front of an optical machine.

Marks & Spencer

Iconic British retailer Marks & Spencer relies on Teams as a centralized place for employee productivity and customer care.

Four employees having a meeting in the gift wrap aisle of a store.

Download the ebook 'The Great Retail Reshuffle'

An e-book about a crash course in Microsoft Teams.

Frequently asked questions

  • Frontline workers and managers are shift-based, mobile-first workers. They have various names, such as frontline workers and essential workers, but at their core they’re the people who first have contact with your customers, they’re the first to work with your product, and the first to represent your brand. For example, your frontline workforce may include store associates, customer service representatives, nurses, doctors, and factory operators.

  • The frontline worker capabilities are available in all Microsoft 365 commercial offerings. Some capabilities are not available in the free version of Teams or in Microsoft offerings for government.

  • Learn more about empowering your frontline workforce with Teams on the Microsoft Teams blog.

  • Microsoft StaffHub was retired on June 30, 2020. StaffHub capabilities are being built into Teams. Learn more.

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1. The Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Teams For Frontline Workers, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, July 2022.

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