Hack your way to a brilliant business career.


What is Protégé?

At Microsoft, we are continually reinventing, and constantly challenging traditional processes. Protégé is a competition that allows students to help us solve business problems that Microsoft is currently facing. We're looking for your fresh perspective and creativity to bring about innovative solutions. Protégé is deeply valued within the company, because we understand that undergraduate students are the bright minds that will power our company in the future. This year, the competition has been refreshed, and we want you to be the first to experience the new Protégé.

How does it work?

Stage 1

Submit a 5-8 minute pre-recorded presentation on digital transformation (refer to case study). The submissions portal will open in mid-March. All entries must be submitted by 14 April. We'll announce the teams progressing to the hackathon by Monday, 1st May, 2017

Stage 2

The best teams from the presentation round will advance to Microsoft's first ever Protégé Business Hackathon, a one-day event which will take place simultaneously in Microsoft offices across the country on Friday, 12 th May 2017.

Stage 3

Winners of the hackathon will be announced by Monday 29th May 2017. All members of the top 3 teams will be flown to Sydney on a later date for the 'Ultimate Microsoft Experience'. Click here to find out more.

The Challenge

In a world where innovation and change are paramount, digital transformation has become critical to competitiveness in today's business environment. Microsoft is positioned to help every organisation embrace the digital revolution, with the breadth of our portfolio from devices to cloud services, and breakthrough innovation from mixed reality to artificial intelligence. It is through these technologies that organisations are empowered to transform their business models and processes, and as a result exceed their strategic objectives.

We want you to take on the role of a digital consultant! Analyse how the digital shift is changing the Australian industries listed below, and reinventing how commercial businesses operate and deliver value to their customers.

Industries: Manufacturing, Health, Travel/Logistics, Sport, Professional Services, Retail

The Hackathon

This hackathon is designed to replicate Microsoft’s work environment. We work in teams, leveraging the best skills of each member, as well as information from experts, acting swiftly to find solutions to problems the business is facing. The hackathon competition structure means that all contestants will be facing the same business challenge simultaneously in Microsoft branches across the country. In the week beforehand you will receive a briefing pack, and throughout the day you will receive mentoring from experts at Microsoft, and by the close of the day you will have presented your complete solution.

Who can enter?

Any undergraduate University student in Australia can enter, in a team of 1-4 people.

Why Enter?


Build on the knowledge from your tertiary studies and develop new skills that are demanded by the workforce today.


Make your résumé stand out when you're applying for internship or graduate positions.


Receive mentoring from some of the brightest minds at Microsoft.


Enjoy the opportunity to network with other participants across the country, as well as Microsoft employees and managers.


The 3 highest scoring teams will be flown to Sydney for the Ultimate Microsoft Experience. This involves a tour of the Microsoft office, lunch with Microsoft Australia's Managing Director, career development workshops, and presentations of the case study solutions to members of the Senior Leadership Team. Additionally, each of the winning teams will also receive 1 of 3 Microsoft prizes.

Get Started

Throughout the competition we'll be using Facebook to post any updates and links for webinars. If you have a question, reach out to us here – we're more than happy to help!