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Surface for Business

No matter what you do, there’s a Surface to help you do it

Surface Hub 3

Empower teamwork anywhere with a collaborative canvas and meetings device certified for Microsoft Teams.
Surface Hub 3

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Our experts will help you find the right solutions for hardware, software, financing, and more for your business. Call us at a time that works for you.
Three Microsoft product experts.

Business customers get more from Surface

The tools that matter to you - integrated into Surface for Business

Why shop for your business at Microsoft Store 

Consider us your go-to specialists for Microsoft products and services. Whether you’re a company of three or 300, our product experts can help you find the right Microsoft devices, software, and resources to meet your goals and grow your business.
  • Surface for Business - laptops, computers, tablets for business customers 
  • Take your office to new levels of creativity and productivity with Microsoft Surface business products. Microsoft Surface business products allow your team to create and collaborate in all new ways that will help you drive your business further into the future.
  • Get more productive than ever with Surface for Business. Get all the tools you need to grow your business: Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft 365 Business, our Advanced Exchange warranty service for faster device replacement at no additional cost and more. 
  • Microsoft Surface business products are especially designed to fit into the modern workplace. From light and agile devices that let you work independently almost anywhere, to devices that allow you to make the most of your virtual meetings, Surface has a solution designed for your needs. Plus, our full line of Surface accessories makes it easy to personalize your setup to match your work style. With the creative tools, keyboards, docks, mice, adapters, and chargers available, you're empowered to work the way your lifestyle demands without making any compromises. 
  • You can also bundle your devices with the optional software solutions for companies and developers, Microsoft 365 or Visual Studio. If you equip everyone with the same equipment and software, you can prepare for success. 
  • Discover the advantages of Microsoft Surface business products today, and boldly lead your team into a brighter tomorrow. Imagine what you could accomplish with a set of powerful, adaptable, and compact tools at your disposal.