We created Alice envisions the future, Digi Girlz in AI Hackathon for high school girls all over the world, to raise their interest in STEM fields and support them in building critical skills for the jobs of the future – collaboration, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving.

The Hackathon is meant to introduce girls to the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, focusing on helping them make the connection between theoretical knowledge and practice. The purpose is to guide them to envision and develop their "AI for good" projects. This is complementary to what high school girls do in school, but a necessary part of education to prepare future-ready girls.

Every girl will be part of a team of 4-6 students, taking on different roles such as coder, designer, marketer, researcher, business person. They will be guided in their journey by a tech mentor, a business mentor and a design thinker. To equip them for solving the global problems through AI, we structured their learning around Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning expert talks and workshops, followed by practical prototype building, guided by their mentors:

Design thinking

The girls will learn the method of identifying a real issue and building
a human-centered solution that solves it.

Tech workshops and mentorship

They will learn some basic technology and AI skills that will allow them to implement their ideas.

Business mentorship

Any project needs proper business planning to be commercially viable; we will be giving the girls guidance on how to shape their idea business-wise.

Hands on prototype imagining and building

This is the stage when they will finally apply what they have learnt,
because all work and no play would not make this a very fun and enriching event.

Presentation skills

And last, they will learn how to pitch their ideas for success.


Girls in AI Hackathon

Girls in AI Hackathon