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Microsoft UK Accessibility Champions
Tips & Tricks

Leveraging Microsoft 365 to optimise the way we work.

We know how demanding the recent times have been for many of us with remote working, in addition to balancing home and work life, and that is why we have created these Tips & Tricks videos delivered by the Microsoft UK Accessibility Champions that we are hoping you will love.

Harness features that help us all do our best work with Windows 10, Office 365 and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams 1:1 Meetings Captions

Make the most of your 1:1 meetings with captions.

Accessibility Checker in PowerPoint

Deliver accessible presentations with Accessibility Checker.

Seeing AI

Navigate your day with intelligent app Seeing AI.

Microsoft Teams Meetings

Thrive in your meetings with Microsoft Teams inclusive capabilities.

Microsoft Word Coaching

Develop impactful content in Word with Dictate and Editor.

Play my emails

Why not use "Play my emails" for a touch free email triage?

Outlook Accessibility Checker

Why not let others know you prefer to receive accessible email content?

Quiet Hours

Better manage your work-life balance with Quiet hours.

Immersive Reader

Customise the way in which you consume information from text size, to decluttering of the page, to read aloud, line focus and much more.

Outlook Meeting Length

Allow yourself to take a bit of a breather by modifying your meeting duration.

Read Out Loud

Learn how Magnifier and Read aloud are better together.

PowerPoint Designer

Deliver impactful presentations with the help of Design Ideas.

Themes in Microsoft Teams

Customise your Microsoft Teams to your preferences.


Better collaborate with others across languages with the help from Translate.

Microsoft Teams Live Captions

Leverage captions in Microsoft Teams to improve your meeting experience.

Dynamic Lock

Ever forgotten to lock your device? With Dynamic Lock you will not need to worry anymore.


Learn how to use OneNote to take your meeting notes and have it converted into text following a simple step.

Colour Filters

Why not leverage colour filters to improve your visibility of what is on screen?

Night Light

Learn how to turn on Night light on Windows 10 to reduce the impact that blue light has on you.

Get more inclusivity with Microsoft 365

Designed to meet the needs of people with different abilities, learn more about the features that ensure everyone can create, communicate, and collaborate on any device.