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Text reading: Accelerating the journey to net zero. A UK blueprint for carbon reduction.

Accelerating the journey to net zero

Read this new academic study to explore where UK organisations are on their journey to net zero. Discover a practical blueprint of short - and long-term actions to help UK organisations move from ambition to action, to drive a greener, more sustainable future for everyone.

Empowering the UK to build back greener

See how Microsoft helped to accelerate positive climate progression at COP26. Read more

Text reading: Microsoft - Principal partner UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021 in partnership with Italy.

Our technology puts people and the planet first, so you can get down to business. Wherever you are in your sustainability journey, we'll help you move forward.

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Microsoft's sustainability commitments

Microsoft is dedicated to a sustainable future, and we're sharing our actions, results and lessons learned. By 2030, we will be carbon negative, zero waste, water positive and be on our way to building the planetary computer.

Discover the blueprint to delivering net zero

This practical guide by PwC and Microsoft shows leaders how to move from ambition to action and deliver net zero transformation.

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Your sustainability journey

No matter where you are in your sustainability journey, Microsoft cloud-based technology solutions can help you move forward.


Learn more about Microsoft Sustainability with our live and on-demand events.

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What's coming in Sustainability

Agriculture and augmented reality.

Microsoft Sustainability Summit: Insights from COP26

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Microsoft Surface Webinar: High impact devices with a low impact footprint

Sustainability in action

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Quantify your cloud footprint

Track and reduce your organisation's carbon emissions related to Microsoft cloud services usage, with the Microsoft Emissions Impact Dashboard.

The carbon benefits of cloud computing

Understand how you can reduce emissions by moving to the cloud.

Integrity built-in

Discover how Microsoft Surface can support your sustainability goals.

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