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Creating opportunities for women to learn, connect and develop careers in technology.

TechHer has been designed for women at all stages of their career, no matter their background. There are three key groups that tend to join our events and community, one of which you may be able to relate to.

Microsoft's TechHer programme has been created to provide women with an opportunity to learn valuable technical and professional skills to help further develop their careers. Through a series of events and learning opportunities, TechHer provides a platform, community and opportunities to help women create new connections, learn from others and explore careers in tech.

New Tech Talent

These women are in education or leaving education and will be new to the world of work. e.g., school, college and university students; and are looking to develop new skills, network and identify new career prospects.


These women are looking to update their skills, network and identify long-term career prospects. They could be career switchers or those looking to return to the workplace after a career break.


These women are IT professionals and business leaders looking to improve their skills, network and identify long-term career prospects. They want to learn to leverage the latest technology to improve organisational and business effectiveness as well as personal productivity.

Whatever your career stage, TechHer has something for you. Explore the TechHer website and join the community to explore ways to learn new skills, connect with others and expand your career opportunities.

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