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Azure AD B2C Demo: Secure and enhance your customer experience

As one of Microsoft’s leading global partners in B2C, we’ll show you how to secure sensitive customer data and improve digital user experiences with Microsoft Azure AD B2C. Learn how to build market-leading customer login experiences, to protect your brand reputation and breed brand loyalty.

Microsoft Partner Pledge Event at TD SYNNEX, Basingstoke

TD SYNNEX UK&I have committed to the Microsoft Partner Pledge as it aligns with our business values, and we are confident it aligns with yours as well. Come hear from senior Microsoft execs, TD SYNNEX Directors and industry experts on initiatives as part of the pledge.

FSI Cyber Defence Forum with Microsoft and BlueVoyant

Microsoft, BlueVoyant and FS- ISAC present an FSI focused Cyber Defence Forum to include insights from BlueVoyant CEO, Jim Rosenthal together with an executive panel of speakers from Microsoft, BlueVoyant, FS-ISAC, Standard Chartered Bank, Clearbank, Credit Suisse and Willis Towers Watson.

Knowledge Productivity in the Age of AI

This will be a thought-provoking discussion from our experts who will provide concrete ideas for conquering the challenge of information overload and best practices for overcoming common knowledge challenges.

Finance and Insurance Learn at Lunch Webinar Series

Join our experts as they explore the key principles of cloud cost management and how to develop an internal Cloud Centre of Excellence. We’ll also demonstrate how Microsoft tooling delivers the highest possible standards of operational excellence for your FSI business.

Microsoft Copilot: Welcome to the AI-Powered Future of Work

The desire to get AI into the modern workplace through tools like Microsoft Copilot is the most significant transformation to the Workplace in the last 20 years. In this webinar our panel of tech leaders will discuss their thoughts, excitement, and concerns about the AI-powered Future of Work.

Maximise Your IT Budget and Influence Your Board with Windows 365 Cloud PC | Webinar

Join us to learn how to create a persuasive business case for adopting Cloud PC and the steps you can take to maximise your IT budget, with an agenda that will cover the following: The Importance of Maximising Your IT Budget,Introducing Windows 365 Cloud PC, and Making a Business Case to Your Board.

​SQL Migration Workshop: Modernise your SQL Server in Azure​

During this SQL Server Modernisation event, our Azure experts will take you through an end-to-end migration (Databases and Components) into Azure. We will run through demos of the cases, decision process, tools and strategies to get your own Modernisation projects up and running seamlessly in Azure.

ISV Partner Day

The only Microsoft-focused tech event in the UK dedicated to ISVs, SaaS providers, and application builders with 12 sessions delivered by experts from Microsoft and Grey Matter. Track titles: Data, Developer, Infrastructure.

Leverage The Power of ChatGPT & OpenAI

Turn Azure OpenAI technology into real world value for your organisation In this lunch-time webinar, hear from Adatis’ Head of Data Science and Microsoft's UK Lead for Data & AI, as they provide a practical view on how organisations can leverage Azure OpenAI technology to drive real business value.

Microsoft 365 E5 deployment best practice workshop

Understand how to optimise your Microsoft 365 E5 deployment, build a best-fit roadmap, and maximise ROI on your investment. Join Microsoft security and collaboration experts to ensure your solution adoption goes smoothly and you get the full value of your licensing.

Financial Services: Revenue, Efficiency & Customer Experience - Delivered

Find out how Financial Services organisations are using the Microsoft Power Platform to transform their business.

Harness the value of your data assets to drive insight in your Housing Association with Power BI

Join Paul Keys to understand how Inciper has supported Housing Associations in maximising their digital transformation investments through the use of Azure Data Platform and Power BI.

Deploy Microsoft DLP fast

Deploy Microsoft DLP in your organisation with minimum hassle with our top tips and best practice guidance. Deep-dive into the difference between DLP and information protection to get the most out of Microsoft’s industry-leading compliance and security technology.

Compliance’s best kept secret: exposed.

Join our webinar for a detailed demonstration of how to get started with Compliance Manager (part of Microsoft Purview). We'll show how, from the moment it is switched on, Compliance Manager could help you to accelerate your compliance journey.

OneDrive & SharePoint For Teachers

Microsoft Advanced Educator! Learn more from Microsoft 365 and discover the latest in this FREE session for senior leaders and educators.

Inclusive Design [Dictate]

Discover how to use Microsoft 365 to achieve digital transformation and take your leadership to the next level.

Showcase Application Inspiration Workshop

Start the path and become a Showcase School in this FREE introduction session.

Wow Day at Beacon Primary Academy

A fantastic opportunity to see a Microsoft Showcase school in action. Join Our Learning Cloud for a day of Wow! and be prepared to be amazed.

Wow Day at Finberry Primary School

A really amazing opportunity to see a Microsoft Showcase school in action. Don't miss out - register today!

Utilising the potential of digital technology in the classroom

In our training day, we would like to help your school utilise the potential of Microsoft 365 in the classroom; improve organisation and management for staff and students; enhance creativity, collaboration, and embrace educational technology.

Microsoft Webinar: Power Platform - Security, Governance and Adoption

Join us for this on-demand webinar to find out the answers to these questions and unlock the power of low code at scale.

Modern Work Discovery Series: Transforming telephony for your users

On this webinar we will explore how Microsoft Teams Phone can provide a cost-effective and powerful route to transform the user experience - enabling users to work where, when, and how they want!

Modern Work Discovery Series: What's New: Teams Premium

Learn how Teams Premium empowers employees to deliver great meeting experiences - making your meetings more personalized, intelligent and secure.

Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC Webinar: Diving into industry scenarios and use cases to transform your business

Join us to immerse in the future and learn how Windows 365 Cloud PCs will power the future of hybrid work.

Modern Work Discovery Series: What's New: The Evolution of the Meeting

Join this session to explore how organisations can support their users through effective Meeting experiences, and to learn about the latest innovations that enable inclusive and accessible meetings - irrespective of location.

Modern Work Discovery Series: Make Work Work: Empowering a culture of learning from the boardroom to the frontline

With the landscape of job reshuffling and uncertainty in the market, retention is a top priority for organisation leaders. This toolkit also expedites onboarding so that seasonal frontline workers can get up-and-running ASAP - great for your business, and great for workers' development.

Layered Cyber Security and AI: A seminar for business owners & IT managers

An informative event where we’ll cover key topics and share best practices to help your business stay secure.

Accelerate compliance with Microsoft Purview

An exclusive roundtable event for IT and Risk/Compliance professionals to explore your compliance strategy and gain practical insights from a panel of experts in the fields of information governance, compliance, content management and technical deployment.

Change Agents Digital Leadership: Managers

Change Agents is a digital leadership program brought to you by Microsoft and Socitm. The manager course provides an overview of the key skills needed to be an effective change agent, as well as an introduction to technology that will truly transform their service.

Change Agents Digital Leadership

Change Agents is a digital leadership program brought to you by Microsoft and Socitm. This program includes training in change management programs and tools that organisations are benefiting from such as SharePoint, Teams and Power Platform, to support them on their digital transformation journey.

Microsoft Webinar: The Future of Low Code Governance - with Forrester

As we enter the next era of low-code governance, join us to learn how your organisation can successfully adopt and govern this technology, to drive real transformation.

Modern Work Discovery Series: What's New: OKRs - New Year, New You

Watch this webinar to understand how to implement OKRs into the rhythm of your business and get the entire organisation aligned to promote business growth, profitability and leverage resources strategically.

FY23 Partner Incentive experience in Partner Center, Demo

During the session, we will provide a live demo of Partner Center's incentive experience and guide you through the platform step-by-step, highlighting various partner experiences related to partner incentives.

Beginners Guide to Microsoft Project For The Web

This beginner’s guide to Project for the Web will show you how you can use your Microsoft license to manage projects of any scale – from team projects to complex portfolio management.

Dynamics 365 Marketing: Know your Audience

Want to know how to use Marketing 365 and workflows to create targeted, personalised campaigns that deliver results. With advanced analytics, customer segmentation, and automation at your fingertips, you’ll be able to understand your audience, optimise your marketing efforts and boost your ROI.

Reimagine Education

Hear from innovative schools and educators around the globe, along with Microsoft leaders, including CEO Satya Nadella, on how we can empower every learner to achieve more. Find out how schools are using technology to improve reading, writing, math, and communication skills.

Reimagine Education

Hear from innovative schools and educators around the globe, along with Microsoft leaders, including CEO Satya Nadella, on how we can empower every learner to achieve more. Find out how schools are using technology to improve reading, writing, math, and communication skills.

Bett 2023

At Bett 2023, there are many ways for you to engage, learn, and be inspired by Microsoft, including product demos, expert-led sessions, Microsoft certifications exams, Teachers Academy, Headteacher tours and much more. Use the guide to help you map out your experience and register for activity.

Insight - Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Course (AZ900)

Insight will provide you with foundational level knowledge of cloud services and how those services are provided with Microsoft Azure. The course can be taken as an optional first step in learning about cloud services and Microsoft Azure.

Crayon's Optimise To Innovate Summit

A one-day summit with Crayon and former ‘Dragon’ from Dragons Den, Piers Linney. Keynote on how you can drive operational and cost efficiencies to transform businesses through technology including the latest industry insights including how tech can help reduce environmental impact, don’t miss out!

Infosecurity Europe 2023

Infosecurity Europe brings together vendors and service providers showcasing the latest security solutions. With a range of speakers and exhibitors, you get to see innovation first-hand, test and benchmark solutions, build relationships and make informed product choices to secure your organisation.

You are invited! How Microsoft can help you innovate and scale faster in Heath Tech

Please join this session to learn about how Microsoft is working with Software Partners in Health & Life Sciences and how software companies can start their journey with Microsoft around technical innovation and go-to-market

Modern Work Discovery Series: Empower field teams with Teams Phone Mobile

Join this call to explore how Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile brings together these distinct capabilities - simplifying communication and making life easier.

Microsoft Webinar: Power Platform – Security, Governance & Adoption

Join our session on the 7th of March to unlock the transformative potential of Power Platform, through the lens of three key pillars: security, governance and adoption.

Microsoft 365 Higher and Further Education webinar series – Using Microsoft Teams for face-to-face learning

Come and discover how to unleash the potential of Microsoft Teams for higher and further education. Stay up to date with the latest product developments from Microsoft Teams for Education, presented by our product experts. Hear their approach, their ideas and get your questions answered. ​

Microsoft EduBites Series: Azure

Join us for an EduBites community call focused on Azure. Hear from our Azure specialists, Hosanna Hali and Mark McManus, who will provide an overview on how to do more with less on Azure. There will be an opportunity to ask our experts questions and learn about the support available from Microsoft.

Microsoft Edubites Series: Viva

In this EduBites Community Call we will unpick the Experience Platform – a digital platform that helps Schools, Colleges and Universities to create a thriving culture with engaged learners, employees and inspiring leaders. Learn from Scott Adams, our Viva expert, on how one hub can connect faculty, students, administration and researchers.

Microsoft Edubites Series: Event Debrief

Unable to join Microsoft at BETT (29-31 March)? No need to miss out on the latest news! We will bring the updates to you in this special edition of EduBites: Event download, hosted by our Education Modern Work Specialist Alan Crawford. Tune in for all the latest news! 

Microsoft EduBites Series: Intune Management Transition to the Cloud

Join us for an Edu Bites community call to dive deeper into Endpoint management in Education and ask our Microsoft Expert Joe McDonald your questions.

Microsoft EduBites Series: Licensing

Join us for an Edu Bites community call to demystify licensing in Education. Hear from Education Commercial Executive Julia Latimer on licensing trends across education, as well as ways to get the most value out of the education licensing you hold. This is an opportunity to have all your education licensing questions answered and understand more about the resources that are available to you.

Microsoft Webinar: The Future of Citizen Support

Join us to discover the future of citizen support. Our Microsoft experts will outline ways that any public sector organisation can provide better services to its citizens, by leveraging the power of cloud applications. Take part in this live, digital session for critical insights and interactive, live Q&A.

Microsoft Immersion Workshops

Cutting edge workshops delivered by specialist Microsoft Partners. Dive into topics around data modernisation, AI, infrastructure migration, hybrid cloud, digital and app innovation, security and business apps to best support your organisation and drive innovation.

How to Achieve M365 Adoption for your Frontline Workforce

Understanding the 'What's in it for me' is key to ensuring the Frontline uses Teams effectively and fully leverage the solution in their day-to-day.

Frontline Year in Review | Our Top Tips and Customer Success Stories

Join WM Reply to reflect with our customers, Microsoft, and more on what the biggest technology trends were for Frontline this year.

Windows 365 for your Hybrid workforce: stream the full Windows experience to any device

Watch this session to learn how Windows 365 Cloud PCs help power the future of hybrid work. You’ll have the opportunity to see first-hand how Windows 365 helps alleviate concerns and challenges organisations like yours now face because of hybrid work, enhanced security needs, and remote operations.

Assessment Preparation Workshop

Prepare for the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2023 application in this FREE session.

Make Work work: Employee productivity: Automate repetitive workflows and save time

Watch this demo-filled session to learn how to utilize Teams' built-in apps or low-code Power Platform capabilities to automate more of your workflows and save time.

Microsoft 365 Higher and Further Education webinar series – Using Microsoft Teams for face-to-face

Come and discover how to unleash the potential of Microsoft Teams for higher and further education. Stay up to date with the latest product developments from Microsoft Teams for Education, presented by our product experts. Hear their approach, their ideas and get your questions answered.

What's new: Leverage the best of Microsoft technology to improve productivity, wellbeing and inclusivity

Watch this session to hear from subject matter experts and tech enthusiasts on how to leverage the latest capabilities across Microsoft 365. We will help you embrace the best collaboration tools that fit your new modern work set up, as well as increase your and your teams productivity, inclusivity and wellbeing.

Employee Alignment, Skilling and Growth: Help employees stay focused and impactful

Watch this session to learn how to better navigate the challenges of Employee Alignment, Skilling and Growth. And hear from peers on how they are using Microsoft collaboration technology, data and insights to enable a better employee experience.

Modern Work Discovery Series: Knowledge management and skills finder

Watch this session to learn from subject matter experts and other organisations that are successful at unlocking employee potential to achieve more, feel connected and thrive in a modern work environment. With skills and connections as ingredients of Microsoft Viva, we can leverage an integrated personalised employee experience that brings together all the relevant resources into the natural flow of everyday work.

Retail: leading adoption and change management practices that empower Frontline workers

Join this session to learn how Frontline workers in Retail can Do More with Less on Microsoft Teams .

Modern Work Discovery Series: Empower your teams to use data & insights in the flow of work

Join this session to learn how to make data-driven decisions central to your team whether it is a business outcome or your teams productivity.

Make work, work topic: The best of digital and physical workspaces

Join this session to learn how to Do More with Less whilst using Microsoft Teams innovation end-end and creating a well-integrated communications and collaboration environment for your teams.

What's new: Leverage the best of Microsoft technology to improve productivity 

Join this session to hear from subject matter experts and tech enthusiasts on how to leverage the latest capabilities across Microsoft 365.

Primary Edu 21st Century Learning Design

21st Century Learning Design (21CLD) provides educators with clear and practical ways to develop 21st skills using digital technologies with their learners.

Hybrid Meetings & Rooms

Experience the power of Microsoft Teams hybrid meeting and meeting room experiences to empower your teams to work from anywhere, at any time.

Collaborative Apps

Learn how to maximize the value of Teams by integrating apps and workflows tailored to your business needs.

Microsoft 365 Digital Workforce

Discover agile work scenarios to enable your employees to be productive and secure with Microsoft 365.

Modernize Communications

Designed to guide you through the process of a simplified enterprise voice solution with reliable, high-quality, integrated calling. Experience modern calling with Microsoft Teams Phone capabilities and calling scenarios.

Defend Against Threats with SIEM Plus XDR

Gain visibility into immediate threats across email, identity and data with Microsoft Security products.

Secure Identities & Access

Find and mitigate identity risks to safeguard your organisation with a seamless identity solution.

Mitigate Compliance & Privacy Risks

Identify potential data leaks and data theft within your Modern Work environments. Microsoft Purview helps detect, investigate, and drive action to mitigate risk and ensure compliance.

Protect & Govern Sensitive Data

Understand, manage, and mitigate hidden privacy and regulatory risks within your own environment with Microsoft Purview.

Microsoft Viva Insights

Discover how to help individuals, managers and leaders gain personalised insights and actionable recommendations that help everyone in an organisation thrive. 

Microsoft Viva

Discover your customers business scenarios, showcase employee experience transformation, and help customers get started using the Microsoft Viva suite with Topics, Connections, and Learning.

Microsoft Teams as an enabler for Human Resources

Discover the right tools and resources in this new world of work. Optimise and improve remote on-boarding processes or upskilling programs and learn how to attract, hire, retain and support talent.

Microsoft Teams empowers Frontline workers

Join to discover how Teams empowers a diverse Frontline community with features and tools that put accessibility at the forefront, protect work-life balance, promote ideas and sharing, and connect people to their company. You will hear from Microsoft Product owners and Specialists, Partners leading in Frontline, and customers who can share their Microsoft Frontline successes.

Microsoft Teams: Accelerate sustainability outcomes using Microsoft 365 technology

At Microsoft we see digital transformation and sustainability as inextricably linked. Watch this content to find out how our Modern Work solutions play a role in accelerating your sustainability strategy.

Microsoft Teams Industry Special: Healthcare

As a healthcare leader, you strive to empower your organisation to deliver the best possible care. Join us for a Healthcare Industry Special event where you will learn more about technology, Microsoft Teams and how to make the most of the tools that you are already paying for today.

Microsoft Teams: Boost productivity in your organisation by developing integrations for your line of business apps

In this session we will look how Microsoft Teams provides a holistic solution for both Developers and Business Decision Makers by offering the organisational layer that brings everything together.

Microsoft Teams as an enabler for a data-driven culture with business intelligence for all

During this session we will cover how to build powerful end-to-end business solutions by bringing data analytics and visualisation tools to Microsoft Teams. We’ll also learn how different organisations successfully foster data driven decision making and business innovation across teams.

Teams as an enabler for Hybrid Meetings

During this session, we will discuss critical business challenges related to communication and collaboration solutions, demonstrate how Microsoft Teams can help remove blockers, and share resources available to drive adoption. As teams across every industry are moving to a hybrid workplace, it’s become imperative that employees can connect easily, securely, and inclusively regardless if they’re at home, in the office, or on the road.

Teams as an enabler for Innovation

During this session, we will hear from our customers on how Microsoft Teams has enabled them to thrive through innovative new ways of working. Our engineering team and partners will also join us in the discussion as they share some of their best practices aimed at supporting you in your digital transformation journey from crowd sourcing ideas, understanding trends to making impactful changes.

Teams as an enabler for service management

Whether it is making IT announcements, answering FAQs with a bot, or collaborating on cases, Microsoft Teams can enable your IT Service Management team a more connected experience. Organisations will see the benefits through improved employee engagement and optimised customer interactions. It also helps eliminate work duplication and a reduction of costs by creating faster resolution times and decreasing the overall number of queries a user may have to make.

Tech Tips for Mental Wellbeing

During this short session, we will look at tips and tricks on how to best use Microsoft technology to empower employees to better manage their work life balance. Elena and Casandra are Microsoft UK Accessibility Champions and Mental Wellbeing Ambassadors, both passionate about enabling people to make the most of their day with technology as an enabler.

Teams as an enabler for virtual engagements

In this event we’re going to explore how Microsoft Teams can enable your virtual engagements with your end users, end customers and partners. We will also look at how Microsoft teams is evolving to serve your webinar, meetings and live event needs.

Microsoft Teams as an enabler for virtual meetings

Virtual meetings have become the norm nowadays, which is why ensuring these meetings are effective, collaborative, productive, interactive and inclusive is even more important now than ever. Learn more about meetings vision and meetings practice is this digital event.

Teams as an enabler for Digital Inclusion

During this session, we will look at how we can drive a more inclusive workplace with Microsoft Teams.

Setting up, producing and moderating Live Events

A best practice session with Microsoft.

Teams for Work and Project Management

Learn how Microsoft Teams gives you the power and simplicity to be successful.

Teams as an Internal Comms Platform

Learn more about how Microsoft Teams can enable your Internal Comms teams to drive better employee engagement.

Microsoft Teams as an enabler for personal productivity and wellbeing

Join this session to learn how Microsoft Teams can enable a healthier work-life balance. We've invited team managers, frontline workers, and subject matter experts to share their tips and tricks on how to stay on top of your workload and wellbeing and empower others to achieve more.

Microsoft Teams and the collaborative apps that connect people, processes, and solutions

Join this session to learn how organizations across UK are using Apps in Teams to empower real-time interaction and make collaboration more engaging and productive. We will review top of mind security and governance policies, most popular apps and use cases that have managed to bring the best part of the standalone app into the context of collaboration with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Industry Special: Police Service

Join our Industry Special Discovery Day to hear more about industry best practices, learn from product and subject matter experts how you can use Power Platform technology to enhance the working day of a police officer, and find out how to make the most out of familiar apps and tools in Microsoft Teams.

Teams as an enabler for Unified Communications & Hybrid Workspaces

Join this session to learn how to bridge the gap between people working remotely and those in the office with meeting room and calling solutions that allows everyone to be seen, heard, and fully participate from anywhere.

Microsoft Teams as an enabler for learning and development

To share Microsoft’s vision on learning, we would like to invite you to an employee experience workshop on Viva Learning & Learning pathways. Viva Learning accelerates skilling and growth in organisations, supported with the collaboration of Microsoft Teams. Among extensive capabilities, Viva Learning is also able to integrate with an impressive amount of content providers and learning management systems.

Microsoft Teams Industry Special: Financial Services

If you are a Business or IT Decision maker in a Financial Service institution, join this session to find out how Microsoft Teams can enable personas across every major function and role in your organization to effectively navigate through daily high value scenarios with ease and confidence.

Microsoft Teams helps organisations retain Frontline workers

Join this webinar to learn how to connect Frontline workers with Microsoft Teams. Keep your frontline happy, and keep them on your team.

Microsoft Teams as an enabler for inclusion and accessibility

This session will showcase features across Windows, Office and Teams to create an inclusive experience for hybrid work.

Microsoft Teams as an enabler for employee wellbeing and the future of work

The session will showcase customers and partners who have learned to foster a culture that empowers people and teams to be their best from anywhere.

Microsoft Teams Industry Special: Professional Services

Professional services firms are needing to adapt to the changing needs of their customers and their staff. A long-term shift towards more agile service delivery methods is coinciding with a rapid change in working habits, creating an urgent need for supporting technology.

ISDN Switch Off

With the upcoming ISDN switch off set to be in 2025, the time for change from analogue to digital is now. During this session we will look at how Microsoft Teams Phone can support your organisation's journey to modernise your communications.

Teams and Power Platform as enablers to transform business processes

Within this session, we look at how Teams and Power Platforms are an enabler to help transform your business processes. You will hear from a series of speakers from Microsoft, our partners and customers on what they've learnt.

Microsoft Build

Discover what’s next in developer tech to innovate without compromise, develop creatively and build the next generation of apps.

Microsoft Sentinel Workshop

Gain an overview of how Microsoft Sentinel (intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence across the enterprise) can help your organisation to bring insights on active threats to your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments.

Endpoint Management

Modernise your organisation’s endpoint management in this workshop that covers identity fundamentals, MFA, device and policy management and more.

Enable Frontline

Empower your frontline workers and deliver innovative solutions with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Frontline products.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Days

Discover the possibilities of connecting products, people, and data at Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training Days.