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Senior leadership team

Get to know our senior leadership team. Learn about the leaders who shape our vision here in the UK and connect with them.

Clare Barclay Headshot

Clare Barclay

CEO, Microsoft UK

Chris Perkins Headshot

Chris Perkins

Managing Director, Enterprise Commercial, Microsoft UK

Claire Logan Headshot

Claire Logan

Human Resources Director, Microsoft UK

Daniel Langton Headshot

Daniel Langton

Chief of Staff and Strategy Lead, Microsoft UK

Derrick McCourt Headshot

Derrick McCourt

General Manager, Customer Success Unit, Microsoft UK

Hugh Milward Headshot

Hugh Milward

General Manager, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft UK

Jas Brar Headshot

Jas Brar

CFO, Microsoft UK

Olaf Akkerman Headshot

Olaf Akkerman

General Manager, Retail and Consumer Goods, Microsoft UK

Orla McGrath Headshot

Orla McGrath

General Manager, Partner Business and One Commercial Partner, Microsoft UK

Pilar López Headshot

Pilar López

Vice President, LSEG Strategic Partnership, Microsoft UK

Richard Ellis Headshot

Richard Ellis

Small, Medium and Corporate Lead, Microsoft UK

Soraya Scott Headshot

Soraya Scott

Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft UK

Theo Michalopoulos Headshot

Theo Michalopoulos

General Manager, Financial Services Industry, Microsoft UK

Tosca Maria Colangeli Headshot

Tosca Maria Colangeli

General Manager, Microsoft Solutions, Microsoft UK