Photo of three inspirational learners

Own Your Story

Discover how building digital skills empowered three learners to unlock their potential, and explore how you can too.

Meet Enrique, Amelia and Poornima

Discover how three inspirational learners are building fulfilling technology careers. Their personal stories are uplifting and will motivate you to unlock your potential. Learn about their passion for building new skills, love for technology and motivation to own their story.

Just getting started

Enrique, Support Analyst

Enrique's work ethic, determination, and passion for tech helped him gain certifications and become a successful IT support apprentice.

Finding new passions

Amelia, Apprentice Data Analyst

Microsoft's learning paths ignited Amelia's passion for tech. As a data analyst apprentice, she has a flexible career doing what she loves.

Coming back stronger

Poornima, Developer

Technology moves fast. When Poornima came back from maternity leave, she gained critical certifications with flexible learning paths to achieve more as a developer.

Helping 1.5 million people build tech careers

Enrique, Amelia and Poornima are all building fulfilling careers in technology. Learn more about Microsoft's new campaign to help more people join the tech workforce.

Photo of three inspirational learners
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