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After listening to feedback from those who have attended Microsoft Digital events, our team of Cloud Advocates are looking to try something a little different. We acknowledge that there is room for improvement in the technical event space and we are going to try and do something about it. 

We are launching a little moment in time we’re calling “IT Ops Talks: All Things Hybrid” that addresses the need for addressing Hybrid planning opportunities and how you can use them to solve problems you have on-premises today. This unique event will have the ability enable you to watch content on demand but still have the opportunity to connect with the presenter on the topic being presented.

The event launches on Feb 2nd, 2021 and incorporates 20+ speakers from Microsoft Engineering and other notable experts (Jeff Woosley, Ned Pyle and Sarah Young just to name a few) delivering 300 level sessions on content covering everything from Azure AD health in a hybrid environment to management considerations for hybrid workloads. 

Normally, at this point you’d hear “go register” but that doesn’t work for this event. Visit to learn of all the sessions available as well as how to connect live with the session speakers.


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