An Introduction to Microsoft Game Stack

An illustration of a gaming controller, next to a picture of Bit the Raccoon.

Microsoft Game Stack is a suite of Microsoft products and services that can help you address your game development needs. Whether you want to enrich player experiences by adjusting how the game works for them, or you’re seeking technology that helps you and your team to operate the game, you’ll find the right solution for your needs within Microsoft Game Stack.



Great audio complements great visuals to provide immersive game experiences. Use cloud technologies to provide a rich audio experiences for your players, and enable capabilities that make your game more accessible to players of all abilities.

  • Allow players to communicate with voice in-game with Xbox Live Game Chat
  • Synthesise written content into speech with Azure Text to Speech and Xbox Live Game Chat
  • Transcribe audible content into text with Xbox Live Game Chat
  • Improve game immersion using Project Acoustics to intelligently model game audio


Data, Machine Learning and AI

Collect, store, and easily retrieve data that brings your gameplay to life. Gain insights about the health of your game so that you can successfully run your business, and leverage artificial intelligence capabilities to provide customer support at scale as your players grow.



Build an in-game economy with virtual currency to add depth to player actions within your game. Increase interaction between players by empowering them to share the spoils of their many in-game adventures.



Allow your players to quickly connect and play with other gamers to extend the life and usage of your game beyond typical solo play. Develop a sustainable community of dedicated fans and boost the level of player interaction.



Allow your players to create a unique in-game identity to build up their account and experiences, as well as restrict player access to your game, temporarily or permanently, to help protect your users from fraud and cheating.


Systems & Tools

Get access to tools and capabilities that help you to run your game more effectively. This includes the automation of tasks, engagement of your players outside of your game, and more.


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