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Getting started with Azure IoT

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Azure IoT enables you to develop with choice. With Azure, you can implement edge to cloud IoT solutions using the languages and OS you are familiar with. Whether you want to leverage a managed service with pre-built solution templates, build custom fine-tuned solutions with platform services, or build advanced workloads that can be run on edge devices in on-premises environments, Azure is a great place to get started with IoT.

Azure IoT technologies and services provide you with options to create a wide variety of IoT solutions that enable digital transformation for your organization. For example, you can:

  • Use Azure IoT Central, a managed IoT application platform, to build and deploy a secure, enterprise-grade IoT solution. IoT Central features a collection of industry-specific application templates, such as retail and healthcare, to accelerate your solution development process.
  • Use Azure IoT platform services such as Azure IoT Hub and the Azure IoT device SDKs to build a custom IoT solution from scratch.

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Get started with Azure IoT

With Microsoft Learn, you can kick off your journey into Microsoft IoT with easy to understand training – and best of all, it’s free! This is the perfect way to work through new software.


Learn more about Azure IoT

Already using Azure IoT and want to go further? Whether it’s learning something new within Azure IoT or becoming certified, there’s plenty more to explore and discover.


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