10 tips for using cloud storage on your phone

Cloud storage lets you store photos and files online and then access, share, or edit them from your phone, tablet, or PC. In addition to the freedom of anywhere, anytime access, your files will be protected from malware and accidental loss.

Once your files and photos are in the cloud, you’ll want to get the mobile app from your cloud storage service provider. The mobile app puts your entire digital life (e.g., your photos, videos, scans and files) all in one place. With that in mind, let’s look at the top ten ways to use cloud storage mobile apps:

Back up your camera roll automatically

Many cloud storage apps have an automatic camera roll backup feature. Once you turn this on, you will never lose a memory. You can view all of your photos from any internet-connected device.

Scan, sign, and send documents

Did you know that you can sign a paper document, scan it and send it from your phone? Some cloud storage mobile apps allow you to scan and digitize physical documents. The app uses the camera on your phone to capture or scan the document. You can make copies of checks, bills, receipts, invoices—or any other document. After scanning a document, you can sign it with your finger or mark it up in different ways, then save it and share it. 

Access your files anywhere

Cloud storage providers sync your files across all your devices. This capability means that any changes you make to file or folders on your PC are immediately accessible across your devices. With the mobile app, you can access all of your cloud storage files anywhere you have an internet connection. There’s a sense of confidence, freedom and control that comes with anywhere access to all your files. Enjoy it.

Access your files when you’re offline

With a cloud storage mobile app, you can mark specific files for offline access. This is a great feature to use, for example, when you want to work on a flight that does not offer internet access.

Share files

You can easily share a file from your phone by emailing or texting a link to your contacts. This convenience saves the effort and system load required to attached files to emails. File sharing with a mobile app is a quick and easy way to collaborate with others.

Save and access sensitive files from your vault

Some cloud storage providers offer a personal vault, which provides an extra layer of security for sensitive files. The additional protection occurs in three ways: 

  1. To open your vault, you have to submit a second identity verification factor, such as a PIN code, a fingerprint, or a one-time password (OTP) shared via SMS message
  2. File encryption takes place at the local device level, which is in addition to standard cloud storage encryption; and,
  3. The vault automatically locks after several minutes of inactivity. Keep in mind that sharing is disabled from your vault, so you can’t accidentally invite others to view those sensitive items.

Consider storing copies of your passport, driver’s license, insurance, tax docs, or any other important files in your vault. You’ll then have access to these files on your phone.

Edit files and add comments

Many cloud storage apps allow you to open a file, edit it and then save it. Some services also offer version history, giving you the ability to revert to older versions of a file. With the app, it’s easy to edit, share and collaborate on docs, decks and spreadsheets without opening your PC.

Create and share photo albums

If you store your phone images in cloud storage, you can group those images into albums and share them with others. Anyone with access to your albums can comment on photos and contribute photos to those albums.

Store quick notes in the cloud

Making notes on paper can become frustrating because it’s challenging to organize them and keep information in this antiquated way. With your cloud storage app, you can quickly create a doc, enter your notes, and save it. You won’t have to worry about misplacing your notes.

Free up space on your device

When you store your phone’s camera roll to your cloud storage, you can then delete the backed-up photos and videos from your phone—thereby freeing up lots of space on your phone. Pro tip: Be sure to back up your camera roll and not sync it. If you are syncing your photos and videos, deleting them from your phone will also delete them from the cloud.

These are just a few of the many ways a mobile app for cloud storage can enhance the quality of your digital life. We encourage you to download your mobile cloud storage app and see what it can do for you.

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