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Microsoft Copilot for FinancePREVIEW

Accelerate time to business impact for finance professionals. Copilot surfaces insights that reduce the time spent on manual, repetitive work.
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Transform the way finance works

Accelerate growth and reduce costs with a copilot in the flow of work.

Accelerate impact with financial insight

Spur growth with action-oriented recommendations, proactive anomaly detection, and specialized prompts and guidance.

Optimize financial processes to reduce costs

Improve efficiency by applying next-generation AI to labor-intensive processes like collections and contract and invoice capture.

Speed time to decision making

Copilot helps turn data into insight. Accelerate impact with a specialized tool built for finance.
  • Review transactions across systems for anomalies, risks, and unmatched data. Save and reuse customizable templates for insight that scales. 
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  • Save time with accurate commentary, reports, and insight sourced from various data records.
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  • Turn data into presentation-ready visuals and reports to share in Outlook and Microsoft Teams.
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Cut costs across critical processes

Reduce spending and regain valuable time by using Copilot to transform manual tasks into more streamlined and efficient experiences.
  • Access a complete summary of customer balance history using Copilot-guided prompts and recommendations.
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  • Have Copilot provide the first draft for customer communications, complete with relevant attachments.
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  • Use contextualized prompts and next-best actions to move through processes more quickly.
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Boost productivity in the flow of work

Work from within Microsoft productivity tools, including Excel and Outlook, without switching—regardless of where your data is.
  • Connect to your existing financial data sources, including ERP, and more using prebuilt connectors and Microsoft Copilot Studio.
  • Work seamlessly in Excel, Outlook, and Teams to eliminate switching between applications to find what you need.
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  • Automatically inherit the security, compliance, and privacy policies you’ve set up in Microsoft 365.
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Access the Copilot for Finance public preview

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Get Copilot in Dynamics 365 Finance

Experience copilot capabilities and product enhancements for Dynamics 365 Finance.
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Use AI for your entire business

Increase productivity with AI capabilities built into Microsoft tools and services.
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See how to get started using Copilot for Finance in your organization.
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Connect with and learn from experts and peers.
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