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Microsoft Store

So much choice. So little time. The Microsoft Store makes it easy to find the apps, films and programme you love.
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Find it in the Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store on Windows helps you find apps, films and programmes faster. 

  • An intuitive layout to help you find content faster.
  • Spotlight Section highlights trending/popular content.
  • Curated Collections provide suggestions based on your taste.
  • Stories provide editorial recommendations.

More app choices

  • The Microsoft Store offers an extremely diverse selection of apps. All verified for security, so you can trust what you install. 

Search multiple streaming services from one store

  • Browse the catalogues of multiple streaming services with a single query. Search multiple streaming services all at once. 1
  • Be able to buy programmes with your Microsoft account for a seamless experience. Just click to verify your purchase.
  • Screens simulated. Features and app availability may vary by region.
  • [1] Timing of feature delivery varies by device. Feature availability may vary by market.

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