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Create multiple desktops

Every desktop, a different mood. One for work, one for your side-hustle, and one for meditation? Having multiple desktops designated by theme or task can help you compartmentalise your digital life – and switch between them instantly. (Like when 5 pm rolls around.)
Showing how to access multiple desktops

Make a desktop for every project

Organise your apps by function and access them quickly with desktops by pressing the Windows Logo Key  + Tab. You can create multiple desktops for different tasks and swipe to move between them. You can also group apps that you use often and switch to snapped apps from the taskbar easily.

Personalise your desktops

To make each desktop more distinct and recognisable, you can assign them names and backgrounds that suit your preferences. This way, you can easily switch between desktops and organise your tasks more efficiently.

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