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Corporate Citizenship

Support for NGOs

Technology can be a powerful tool in helping to solve the world’s most challenging issues, and can enable nonprofit organizations to better connect people, processes and technology, and to ultimately drive greater social impact. Microsoft is committed to empowering nonprofits to advance their missions through digital transformation to:

• Engage Donors and Volunteers to strengthen support and participation
• Empower Employees to be more productive and creative
• Optimize Operations from field to office
• Innovate for Impact to accelerate organization’s mission

Aside of technology empowerment, Microsoft also sees giving back to the community as one of our culture, a cornerstone of our citizenship, and, as our employees will tell you, one of the most rewarding aspects of our jobs. Our Corporate Volunteer Team, VCare, organizes our flagship annual VCare Day to engage all Microsoft HK staff to serve the community together in a day; we also participate in a wide spectrum of community services, in partnership with various NGOs, to show our cares and supports to different social topics and needy in our city.

Technology for Social Impact

Product Donation

Microsoft is committed to empowering nonprofits to advance their missions through digital transformations enabled by secure and trusted technology. Since its debut in 2014, Microsoft Product Donation Scheme has been evolving along with Microsoft’s technologies throughout the years. From on-premise software, servers and Windows, to Azure, Office 365 and Power BI and more, the program is nowadays offering the complete cloud for modern nonprofits to do more social goods. To learn more about how do we support nonprofits with a hassle-free model of solutions and partnerships, and redeem the free / significant discount offers for nonprofits, please visit

Our global impact:

US$1 billion

in cloud computing resources donated globally since 2016


global nonprofit organizations benefited from the transformational power of the cloud since 2016


We will be tripling our efforts over the next 3 years, to reach over 300,000 nonprofits by 2020

Our local impact in Hong Kong & Macau:

• HK$225+ million
• 600+ nonprofits modernized
• 25,000+ cloud users

Watch the video to learn more about our Technology for Good Program in Hong Kong.

Tech for good

Technical Empowerment

By hosting annual events and hands-on training programs, Microsoft also helps develop the professional capacity of non-profit organizations to enhance their service delivery.

Co-organized by Microsoft and the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the annual “Technology for Good Day” event has been being a key platform for nonprofits, public and private sectors to exchange experience, develop partnership and explore new ICT and strategies in meeting social needs of all kinds. 

Microsoft Refurbisher Program

The Microsoft Refurbisher Program aims to help people, businesses and communities embrace sustainable technology. Tens of millions of used computers, laptops and servers are retired every year, these assets are now put through the Microsoft Refurbisher Program, then donated to those in the community in need of such resources. This is both environmentally sound and bridges the digital gap in our community. Visit Microsoft Refurbisher Program to apply.

VCare - We Volunteer & We Care

On 10th November 2017, 180+ Microsoft HK staff participated in a meaningful one-day volunteer event to empower 80+ young special need students from various local schools and organizations, namely Buddhist To Chi Fat She Yeung Yat Lam Memorial School, HHCKLA Buddhist Po Kwong School, Ebenezer New Hope School, Haven of Hope Sunnyside School and KeenAble Creation. We leveraged our technologies to drive digital transformation within the local community. Watch the video to share the happy moments!