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Dynamics 365

Thrive with a modern, adaptable supply chain

Gain agility and resiliency with AI-powered digital supply chain solutions.
Solution Overview

Optimize operations with Dynamics 365

Boost operational performance by maximizing asset performance, transforming manufacturing operations, meeting digital commerce needs, and reducing risk in your supply chain.
A warehouse filled with boxes and a robot.

Why modernize your supply chain?

  • Use AI for precise demand forecasting, informed demand planning, and dynamic scenario simulations.
    A screenshot of a business dashboard in microsoft power bi using various charts and stats.
  • Enhance resilience with multi-sourcing policies, risk assessments, and seamless supplier onboarding.
    Dashboard showing world map and other stats for risk assessment in supply chain management.
  • Unify data across systems for real-time inventory views and integrate with IoT sensors for asset and production info.
    Dashboard for active packaging machine.
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Build a composable supply chain with Microsoft products

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
Navigate disruption with a flexible, collaborative, AI-powered solution.
Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management
Meet digital commerce demands with streamlined, AI-enhanced order management.
Dynamics 365 Guides
Enhance employee learning with step-by-step holographic instructions on how to use tools and parts.
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 Learning hub

Discover more about digital supply chain solutions

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Executive summary
Reduce risk and enhance collaboration with AI
Explore the benefits of modernizing supply chain infrastructure.
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Digital event
On demand: Supply Chain Reimagined
Discover the latest trends, product innovations, and best practices shaping digital supply chain management software.
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Research paper
Build a more resilient future for manufacturers
In this commissioned thought leadership paper conducted by Forrester Consulting, explore manufacturing leaders’ 2022 digital supply chain goals.
Success stories

Achieving supply chain modernization

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