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Turn data into impact across departments

Inform decision making and dive deeper into your Dynamics 365 data with AI-driven visualizations from Power BI—embedded into your business applications.

Bring clarity to every department

  • Create a single source of truth for customer, territory, and product data and uncover powerful insights with intelligent, stunning visuals.
    A screenshot of a BI dashboard showing a sales funnel and map
  • Get a single, 360-degree view of individual customers by building composite reports that connect data from multiple Dynamics 365 applications.
    A screenshot of a customer report dashboard
  • Help your team identify key revenue drivers and uncover areas for improvement by analyzing factors like regionality, seasonality, industry, and competitive situations.
    A screenshot of a sales dashboard
  • Better understand the factors driving important pipeline metrics and give your sellers more time to focus on the right opportunities with built-in AI capabilities.
    A screenshot of a sales dashboard
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Inform decisions across teams with Power BI and Dynamics 365

Connect and enrich data

Get a holistic view of your business by connecting Power BI to your Dynamics 365 data, in near real time.

Uncover impactful insights

Explore insights based on roles and departments by easily embedding custom dashboards directly into Dynamics 365.

Get started faster

View insights and create engaging reports with prebuilt templates and visuals for Dynamics 365—all in a few clicks.

Share with confidence

Securely distribute reports anywhere—and apply access controls to ensure the right people can share, embed, and copy it.

See how customers use Power BI and Dynamics 365 together

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Uncover powerful insights with intelligent visuals.

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