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Power BI Pro

Foster a data-driven culture throughout your organization. 
Share and collaborate on interactive data visualizations by using self-service analytics.
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Share insights for a bigger impact

  • Share rich data visualizations that help everyone make decisions based on facts, not instinct.
    Contoso-Dynamics 365 Sales: Overview of Sales Pipeline, Win/Loss Ratio, Industries, Qualified Pipeline, Trends, Insights, and Opportunities Created.
  • Distribute findings to team members inside and outside your organization, adjusting permissions as needed.
    Monitoring Deployment Microsoft: Sales Pipeline Power BI, Overview, Trends, Win/Loss Ratio, Revenue, Opportunities, Insights, Copilot, Trial, and Alerts
  • Access visualizations on the go using the Power BI Mobile app to make data-driven decisions from anywhere.
    A tablet and a computer with screens displaying information
  • Enhance collaboration by using team commenting, and stay current with content subscriptions and update alerts.
    Microsoft LSEG Copilot Demo: Investment Positions, Risk Analysis, Data Activator in preview, create alert, Carbon Adjusted Value. 60% progress

Create a data-driven culture

Create a trusted data hub

Connect to any data source and add it to the OneLake data hub to create an accessible, single source of truth for data.

Empower everyone to prepare data

Enjoy low-code or no-code data prep and modeling tools that empower everyone to connect and shape their data for analysis.

Discover more insights

Uncover game-changing insights with industry-leading visuals and advanced generative AI capabilities.

Use familiar tools

Share insights within the tools you use every day, such as Microsoft Teams, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Power Platform.

Govern your data securely

Safeguard your data so that it meets the compliance standards and certifications for your industry.

Go further with Microsoft Fabric

Use Fabric to reshape how you work with data. Combine Power BI with a full suite of other workloads to access everything in one place.

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