Cloud App Security in action

Follow along as expert Asaf Kashi explores features that help you protect corporate data within your cloud apps, scan and classify app files for sensitive information, mitigate risks from shadow apps in your environment, and more.

Technical resources

What is Cloud App Security?

Learn about how Cloud App Security architecture integrates visibility with your cloud environment.

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What is the Cloud App Security proxy?

Understand how the Cloud App Security proxy protects apps and get an overview of some key scenarios.

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Configure Azure AD apps for Cloud App Security

Deploy the Cloud App Security proxy for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) apps using a step-by-step setup guide.

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Block sensitive downloads

Learn how you can block access to sensitive information using the Cloud App Security proxy in a detailed use-case scenario.

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Control cloud apps with policies

Learn how to create and implement policies that help you monitor activity for anomalies and identify security risks.

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Enable real-time session-level monitoring

Learn how to control and limit access in real time using session policies in a step-by-step overview.

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Get a high-level overview

Understand the basics of how Cloud App Security brings visibility, control and protection to your cloud apps.

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Know the impact of shadow IT

Get an overview of shadow IT factors and find out statistics on the vulnerabilities they can cause in your organisation.

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Get started with your deployment

Find out how to get up and running quickly using a step-by-step setup process in the Cloud App Security portal.

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Manage security day-to-day

Read about the daily activities you can perform to help protect your cloud environment using Cloud App Security.

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Licencing resources

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Get the best pricing, discounts, and server and cloud benefits. Designed for larger organisations (500+).

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Microsoft Products and Services Agreement

Purchase cloud services, software, and Microsoft Software Assurance, all in one agreement.

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Microsoft Open licencing programmes

Acquire the latest Microsoft technologies for your small or midsize organisation.

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Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider programme

Develop your SaaS business by providing managed services for Microsoft cloud technologies.

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