Empowering intelligent insurance

Reduce cost of operations, support new business models and enhance integration with partners to accelerate services to meet customer expectations.

Manage risk, build trust and enhance customer experience

Find new ways to engage customers and improve risk modelling to achieve your business outcomes.

Learn how insurers are innovating with intelligent insurance solutions

Achieve your transformation empowered by AI with built-in big data insurance cybersecurity, regulatory compliance and privacy requirements.

Enable 4.5 million Facebook followers to ask questions and get quotes online without talking to an agent

Customers ask questions, get quotes and converse with the company’s iconic spokesperson via Facebook Messenger.

Pioneering insurance model automatically pays travellers for delayed flights

A brand-new product is developed and in market quickly. The product’s platform helps drive continuous innovation throughout the company.

Historic knowledge meets a modern solution

Move data and processes to the cloud to increase efficiency, gain new insights and give clients a digital advantage.

Empower 50,000 employees in 900 locations to collaborate better and innovate faster

Provide business intelligence and productivity tools to enable visual interpretations and immediate insights that optimise operations and formulate new strategies.

A person looking at their laptop.

A customer-centric approach to modernisation

Modernise core systems to support new business models and improve key processes.