Microsoft To Do

Focus, from work to play

A smart phone and tablet computer displaying the same To Do list
An animation demonstrating suggested tasks being added to a new To Do list.

A smart daily planner

Set yourself up for success with My Day, intelligent and personalized suggestions to update your daily to do list.

Manage your to do list online

A truly cross platform task manager. Whether you're at home or on the go you can access your task list and stay organized.

The Microsoft To Do app displayed on several devices alongside one another
Details of a To Do list showing two reminders

Sharing made easy

Shared to do lists help keep you connected with friends, family and colleagues.

Make managing tasks easier

Break tasks down into simple steps, add due dates, and set reminders for your daily checklist to keep you on track.

A To Do list titled My Day on a tablet computer

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Outlook Tasks integration

To Do is integrated with Outlook Tasks, making it easier to manage all your tasks in one place.

Access from anywhere

Microsoft To Do is available for free, and syncs across iPhone, Android, Windows 10, and the web.1

1. Availability of mobile apps varies by country/region.