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A dam separating a body of water and a river.

Accelerating the global transition to cleaner energy

Quantum computing is poised to help the world meet climate targets by speeding problem-solving around shifting to renewable energy sources like solar, hydro, geothermal, and wind.

Explore Microsoft technologies that help drive energy transformation

Achieve your net-zero commitments through emissions reductions and decarbonization. Microsoft for Energy solutions help you expectations and regulations while adapting your business operations toward net zero.

Connectivity and renewables are here to stay

Join energy companies that are embracing innovative technologies to drive efficiency and growth.

of new power generation in 2019 was renewable1.


of total power generation after 2035 will be renewables, primarily wind, solar, and hydroelectric2.


value could come to oil & gas upstream operations through advanced connectivity by 20303.

Report carbon and other GHG emissions

Track CO2 and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the energy value chain. With connected devices and integrated AI and machine learning, uncover opportunities, trends, and insights to better balance energy demand and supply in real time.

Solar panels in the grass under powerlines

Speeding results with Azure, Power BI

Reduce GHG emissions

Lower electricity demand and reduce related GHG emissions by optimizing grid operations and supporting continued electrification in transportation, housing, and elsewhere.

Removing data silos, empowering decision-making

With Azure Data Manager for Energy, Equinor can help streamline operations to extract hydrocarbons more efficiently.

Supporting innovation with unified processes and systems

See how St1 has harmonized systems to roll out web-based sale of carbon credits, a network of EV charging stations, and more.

An electric car plugged in and charging.

Energizing operations and cutting emissions

Public Power Corporation reduced its total cost of ownership by 30 percent and carbon emissions by nearly 100 percent.

Shift hydrocarbons to renewables

Upgrade your power mix sustainably by incorporating renewable technologies and a managed transition to distributed energy and storage.

Supercharging wind farm control models with Azure HPC

With an Azure integrated solution, Global sustainable energy solutions provider Vestas enables simulations to help wind farms mitigate wake effect and generate more wind energy. 

Wind turbines in a field

Remove carbon from the atmosphere

By scaling carbon capture and other carbon removal technologies, aim to permanently store carbon, create a business ecosystem on an agile technology platform, and move toward net-zero carbon emissions to reach sustainability targets.

Co-innovation aiming to speed deployment

Microsoft and Aker Carbon Capture are developing new business models to cover both physical and digital value chains.

The northern lights shining above a small town.

Pioneering industrial-scale carbon capture

Brevik is capturing carbon dioxide emitted by a large cement factory, turning it to liquid and then storing it undersea.

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Microsoft for Energy

Move to intelligent energy for a sustainable future.

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