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Creating sustainability in retail stores

Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are helping retailers and their supply chains improve energy management and reduce their environmental impact.

Build a more responsible consumer goods industry

Optimize your operations and create a more agile and sustainable product lifecycle. Innovative retail technologies help you connect data sources in the cloud, glean intelligent insights, and deliver sustainable and operational excellence.

Sustainability is a growing priority in retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG)

Industry leaders, employees, investors—and the partners and consumers who buy the goods—care about sustainability.


of CPG leaders spend more time on sustainability issues today than five years ago1


of millennials prioritize sustainability over pricing2


of recent CPG market growth came from sustainability-marketed products3

Reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption

Drive efficiencies using edge-to-cloud data analytics and data modeling to optimize your operations and supply chain networks.


Lowering energy consumption

Plant-based ingredient provider Ingredion uses Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to plan and track emission reductions.

Use sustainable practices to conserve water and reduce waste

Adopt the use of sustainable materials and practices to reduce your environmental impact and optimize logistics.

Boosting production and reducing waste

Food producer Grupo Bimbo is tracking nutrition, social impact, waste, and water with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability.


Promoting a more sustainable, circular economy

For fashion retailer 1083, Microsoft 365 helps grow business and jobs close to home while recycling and reusing materials.

Establish responsible value chain practices

Increase transparency and accountability across your supply chain and use data insights to respond to customer demands.

Building resilience in the supply chain

Learn how to adapt your practices and apply a circular supply chain model to save costs, reduce waste and excess inventory, and minimize your environmental impact.


Azure Data Manager for Agriculture

Create a more sustainable future by innovating with agriculture data.

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Azure for retail

Learn more about how Microsoft cloud solutions can help you accelerate your sustainability journey.

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