Privacy: It’s all about you

We understand that when you use our cloud services, you’re entrusting us with one of your most valuable assets—your data.

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At Microsoft, we value, protect, and defend privacy. We believe in transparency, so that people and organizations can control their data and have meaningful choices in how it is used. We empower and defend the privacy choices of every person who uses our products and services.

You control your data

Our time-tested approach to privacy is grounded in our commitment to give you control over the data you put in the cloud. In other words, you control your data. Microsoft guarantees this with the contractual commitments we make to you.

Know where your data is located and how it’s used

When you use Microsoft commercial cloud services, we’ll help you choose the service and data location that is right for your business.

We secure your data at rest and in transit

With state-of-the-art encryption, Microsoft protects your data both at rest and in transit. Our encryption protocols erect barriers against unauthorized access to the data, including two or more independent encryption layers to protect against compromises of any one layer.

Data at rest

The Microsoft cloud employs a wide range of encryption capabilities up to AES-256, giving you the flexibility to choose the solution that’s best for your business.

Data in transit

Microsoft uses and enables the use of industry-standard encrypted transport protocols, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Internet Protocol Security (IPsec).

Encryption keys

All Microsoft-managed encryption keys are properly secured and offer the use of technologies such as Azure Key Vault to help you control access to passwords, encryption keys, and other secrets.

We defend your data

Microsoft defends your data through clearly defined and well-established response policies and processes, strong contractual commitments, and if necessary, the courts. We believe all government requests for your data should be directed to you. We don’t give any government direct or unfettered access to customer data.

Our promise to you

In our enduring commitment to the principles above, we are transparent about the specific policies, operational practices, and technologies that help ensure the privacy of your data in every Microsoft commercial cloud service.


And we don’t just state these promises—we contractually guarantee them in our standard contracts for commercial and public sector customers.