Learn. Anywhere.

With affordable and secure devices, powerful tools for education, and free professional development opportunities, Microsoft is here to support your educators in creating inclusive online environments that help every student to learn anywhere.


Affordable and safe devices with free training

Windows 10 devices are the safest and best devices for remote and hybrid learning and come with free professional development with purchase of 15-300 eligible Windows 10 devices for your school.1

Affordable devices

Help to enable access for all students with affordable Windows 10 devices, built for both the classroom and remote learning.

Safety and security

Get peace of mind with built-in, powerful protection for data and users, securing info and identities even on lost or stolen devices, all part of Windows 10.

Special licensing pricing

To prepare students for tomorrow, give them Windows 10 at the best prices today.1


Find the right device for your needs

Whether you’re looking for yourself or for your school, find an easy-to-manage device, made for remote learning – all within your budget.

Shop for yourself

Students and parents save up to 10% on select products at the Microsoft Store. Browse and find which products and solutions work best for you.

Buy multiple devices for your school

Make the most of your budget and keep students engaged and safe with Windows 10 devices including affordable laptops and 2-in-1 devices.

Discover powerful devices for higher education

Choose from a variety of powerful and secure Windows 10 devices that are versatile and ruggedised, all with long-lasting battery life.

Learning with the new Windows 11

We reimagined Windows for a new era of digital learning, helping educators unlock the full potential of every student, giving them powerful tools to learn, collaborate, and create in a secure and trusted environment. Find more information about what educators can look forward to in this post by Aaron Woodman, General Manager Windows Marketing.

Features and functionality to support both classroom and remote learning

  • Multi-touch and inking

    Maintain student engagement, add variety, and empower collaboration with affordable 2-in-1 touch-capable devices and Windows Ink.

  • Safe and secure

    Get the most secure Windows ever with built-in anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-phishing protection all on affordable Windows 10 devices.

  • Ruggedized

    Choose from a variety of ruggedized devices that can withstand bumps, drops, and spills - resulting in lower repair and replacement costs.

  • All-day battery

    Get long-lasting battery life that ensures students can stay connected to learning all day long.

More solutions for remote and hybrid learning

Complement your devices with the best free tools and resources for creating inclusive and safe online learning environments.

Microsoft Teams for Education

Build safe and collaborative remote classrooms, with Microsoft Teams for Education – all from a single free Microsoft Office 365 Education experience.

Office 365 Education

Communicate and collaborate with web apps like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Accredited institutions get Office 365 A1 for free.

Learning tools for accessibility

Discover inclusive tools like Immersive Reader integrated into Microsoft products to help all learners with reading, writing, math, and communication.

Deployment assistance

Receive specialized assistance with cloud deployments to get your school equipped for remote and hybrid learning.

Case Study

Children from all over the world find common ground through technology

Omnimundo, a kindergarten and primary school in Antwerp, Belgium, personalizes learning for students from more than 20 countries by using Windows 10 devices and Microsoft Office 365. The internationally focused school takes advantage of Windows 10 digital inking capabilities and the organizational features in Microsoft OneNote to accommodate different learning styles, collaborate globally, get more done every day, and engage students with exciting new ways to learn.

Training materials for educators

Empower educators in remote teaching with access to lesson plans, real time training from certified professionals, and other professional development resources for educators.

Online training materials

Visit the Microsoft Educator Center resources page to find lessons and other professional development materials that work for you.

Virtual workshops and training

Our interactive virtual workshops and training sessions are taught live by Microsoft Store associates – wherever you are.

Global training partners

Gain confidence in remote teaching and learning, and meet your institution’s unique professional development needs with trainers certified by Microsoft Education.