SharePoint Syntex

Content services that work the way you do.

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Content understanding

Create AI models that capture expertise to classify and extract information and automatically apply metadata.

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  • Capture expertise with AI

    Build no-code AI models that teach the cloud to read content the way you do.

  • Enrich content and metadata

    Find key facts in your content to improve search and teamwork.

Content processing

Automate the capture, ingestion, and categorization of content and streamline content-centric processes.

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  • Automatically classify content

    Use advanced AI in SharePoint Syntex to capture and tag structured and unstructured content.

  • Streamline content processes

    Integrate with Power Automate to build workflows that leverage extracted metadata.

Content compliance

Connect and manage content to improve security and compliance.

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  • Integrate content across systems

    Connect SharePoint Syntex to content inside and outside Microsoft 365.

  • Protect and manage content

    Enforce security and compliance policies with automatically applied sensitivity and retention labels.

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