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Microsoft Teams for healthcare

Digitize care team operations and standardize your communications on one secure platform.​
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Simplify patient care with Teams

Facilitate and centralize collaboration among care teams and across your entire organization in one app.

Focus on what matters

Help your employees provide the best possible care by spending less time on manual tasks.

Embrace your mission

Empower teams with tools that can help meet your goals and reduce burnout.

Share the right knowledge

Improve care coordination by streamlining communication and staff onboarding.

Strengthen care team experiences

Give care teams the tools they need across your healthcare organization.
  • Equip your frontline workers with hands-free, heads-up, and instant communication through Walkie Talkie in Teams.
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  • Offer a unified platform that reflects your healthcare organization with a customizable home screen and easy access to company news and resources.
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  • Broadcast announcements to specific areas of your organization. Plan centrally, manage regionally, and take action locally to keep teams aligned.
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How healthcare customers use Teams


Achieve more with Teams

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Innovative healthcare solutions from Teams

Rethink patient care with virtual visits, improved operations, and stronger communication.
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How healthcare industry leaders can help fight burnout

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Empower frontline healthcare workers with Teams

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HIPAA compliance and Teams


Critical healthcare technology​

Tackle key issues facing staff by boosting communication and collaboration among care teams.

Powerful healthcare solutions

Learn about offerings from Microsoft partners that are tailored for the healthcare industry.

More is possible with Teams

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Virtual Appointments in Teams

A powerful virtual health platform

Provide clinicians with a straightforward experience for patients and providers through telehealth workflows.
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Microsoft Teams Phone

Connected and flexible calling solutions

Experience smart communication and seamless collaboration with the only calling solution native to Teams.

Frequently asked questions

  • A frontline workforce is made up of frontline workers and managers who are shift-based, mobile-first employees. Sometimes called essential workers, they’re the people who have initial contact with your patients and are first to represent your brand or institution. For example, they include nurses and doctors, store associates, and customer service representatives.
  • Frontline worker capabilities are available in all Microsoft 365 commercial offerings. Some capabilities are not available in the free version of Teams or in Microsoft offerings for government.
  • Learn more about empowering your frontline workforce with Teams on the Teams blog.

Transform your organization

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Join the new era of collaboration

Level up to the newest version of Teams with solutions and features that deliver faster, simpler, and smarter experiences.
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Microsoft 365

Bring your frontline into the future

Invest in your frontline workers with an easy and intuitive all-in-one solution from Teams and Microsoft 365.​

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