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Foundation for transformation: cloud data and AI

Find out how artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the cloud are driving agility, accelerating growth and transforming the banking and capital markets industry.

An ethical, sustainable future requires quick adaptation

Expectations are quickly rising for financial institutions who are challenged to manage risk and add value while addressing ESG needs and industry pressures. Digital technologies can help accelerate transformation.

USD 3-5T

in investments are needed per year to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 20301

as many investors invested in ESG products in 2020 than in 20192


of financial institutions are focused on producing investor-grade ESG information3

Assess climate risk

Enable climate and environmental risk modelling to better understand climate and financial risk and address materiality and reporting requirements with robust, cloud-based solutions.

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Applying innovation to weather risk analysis

Munich Re is improving the efficiency and quality of risk assessments by using advanced analytics to aggregate several petabytes of weather and climate data in the cloud.

Improving natural catastrophe risk intelligence

Swiss Re is combining climate data, maps and satellite imagery to deliver more accurate risk assessments.

Launch new ESG solutions

Use digital technologies to analyse and visualise ESG data, create new evidence-based ESG products and quickly react to changing market conditions and client requests.

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Building tools to engage customers

Flowe developed a banking app designed to motivate customers to adopt personal sustainability and well-being practices.

Creating a platform to buy and sell carbon credits

A new platform from Rabobank will connect farmers to corporations to match supply and demand of sequestered carbon.

Create unique research and investment insights

Leverage the power of the cloud to help you and your customers unlock more value from data, understand market drivers, discover green assets and address current and future regulations and standards.

Enabling data-driven decision making

MSCI is using cloud technologies to help investors better understand ESG and climate-related risks and opportunities.

Empowering customers to address emissions goals

NatWest is working with Microsoft to help customers understand their carbon footprint and reduce carbon emissions.

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Delivering ESG data analytics

BNY Mellon is using AI to customise investment portfolios to ESG preferences with support from crowdsourced ESG data.

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