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Microsoft Viva
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Microsoft Viva Pulse

Empower managers to get feedback quickly and take action using brief team and project-based surveys in Microsoft Teams1 and on the web. Viva Pulse is included with a Microsoft Viva suite subscription.

Quickly seek and act on feedback

Enable team leads to request ad-hoc feedback on daily topics to better understand their team’s needs and address them in the moment.

  • A user browsing questions in Viva Pulse

    Research-backed question library

    Easily ask questions designed to effectively drive team success.

    A user choosing a question template in Viva Pulse

    Capture constructive feedback

    Create surveys using templates with pre-configured questions, designed by experts in people science.

    A user customizing a work-life balance template in Viva Pulse

    Customize templates or add your own questions

    Use customization to tailor the survey so it’s relevant to your team.

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  • A pop up in Teams to get started requesting feedback with research-backed surveys

    Get timely analysis on what matters

    Maximize impact by empowering managers to gather vital feedback quickly.

    A pop-up in Teams showing a request for Well-being feedback

    Proactively assess team sentiment

    Send your team or organization brief surveys at critical moments.

    A sentiment analysis for well-being in Viva Pulse showing response rate, responses to questions and more

    Get a snapshot of overall team sentiment

    Save feedback requesters time with automatic sentiment analysis that shows if team members feel positively, negatively, or neutrally about a topic.

    A user answering the question “what could help in this area” in Teams

    Encourage feedback by keeping responses confidential

    See aggregated, confidential team sentiment data that can aid managers and project leaders in their own development.

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  • Three Viva Learning resources about Boundaries in Viva Pulse

    Act on recommendations

    Show teams they’re being heard by taking recommended steps to address their needs.

    Sentiment for specific questions being sorted by average score

    Get reports on relevant topics

    Receive intuitive reports and action recommendations—based on research and user feedback—to improve team experience.

    A graph showing score over time for boundaries in Viva Pulse

    Assess impact over time

    Analyze trends to assess how effective your actions are in specific areas.

    A user sharing Wellbeing Pulse results in Outlook

    Share de-identified reports with your team

    Initiate conversations with your team on key topics surfaced in the survey results.

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See Viva Pulse in action​

Learn how Viva Pulse helps you understand your teams’ needs and take action when it matters.

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Viva Pulse features

Get these features only with a Microsoft Viva Workplace Analytics and Feedback or Microsoft Viva suite subscription.

  • Research-backed templates

    Send brief surveys using templates designed by experts in people science.

  • Customization

    Customize existing questions or create your own to get the most relevant feedback.

  • Sentiment analysis

    Get a quick snapshot of how favorably teams are feeling about relevant topics.

  • Reporting

    Analyze results and trends over time, organized by focus area.

  • Suggested actions

    Discover and explore recommended solutions from your team.

  • De-identified reports

    Share results to initiate conversations about key topics with your team.

  • Confidentiality

    Get aggregated, confidential team sentiment information to help managers and team leads in their own development.

  • Built on M365

    Quickly deploy Viva Pulse in Teams1 and on the web.

Frequently asked questions

  • Viva Pulse is available only with a Microsoft Viva Workplace Analytics and Feedback or Microsoft Viva suite subscription. A Microsoft Teams license is required to use Viva Pulse features in Teams.

  • Viva Glint and Viva Pulse are complementary. Viva Glint is a robust survey solution driven by leadership for organization-wide objectives such as cultural change or a new strategic direction. Viva Pulse is an app for managers and project leads to get quick feedback from their direct teams whenever they need to better understand the team’s experience or recommendations. The data is confidential to managers and project leads.

Implementation and support


See how to get started using Viva in your organization.


Explore adoption and training resources to start using Viva.


Find Viva help and learning content for employees.


Get help enabling Microsoft Viva and the foundational capabilities in Microsoft 365 that support employee experience.

Get started with Viva Pulse

Get Viva Pulse as part of a Microsoft Viva suite subscription.

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Empower people and teams to be their best

Viva Pulse is part of Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform designed to help people connect, focus, learn, and thrive at work.

[1] Microsoft Teams license required.

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