Frontline workers are the backbone of your business

Equip them with the technology to succeed right from the start.

Empower your frontline workers with Azure Active Directory

Empower your frontline workforce to achieve more

Connected experiences

Equip your frontline workforce with powerful and intuitive tools that deliver a tailored end-user experience.

Integrated workflow

Transform business processes with customized apps and workflow automation to save time and costs and improve the bottom line.

Intelligent security

Enhance frontline worker productivity while protecting company assets.

Mattress Firm.
"We deployed Azure AD, which allowed us to deliver a simpler user access experience to our employees and gain more visibility into security threats."

Jon Sider, Chief Information Officer, Mattress Firm

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is your universal platform to manage and secure identities.

Seamless and secure access for your frontline workforce

Centralize visibility and control of your frontline workers, devices, and apps with Azure AD.

Scale onboarding

Empower IT to scale the onboarding and management of frontline worker identities.

Simplified user experiences

Help frontline workers stay productive with easy, fast sign-in experiences and support frontline managers with intuitive tools.

Secure data and devices

Help protect your organization and customer data whether frontline workers use personal, assigned, or shared devices.

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Frontline workers in action



As industries shift to cloud solutions, Suffolk continues to innovate, boost efficiency and safety, and keep employees connected across the organization with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.



IKEA sought a highly secure platform that didn't require extensive IT management. The security capabilities in Microsoft 365 helped IKEA improve engagement and collaboration across the organization.

Empower your frontline workers with a seamless identity solution