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The global battle naval strategy game Warships Wars: Pacific War was officially launched!With World War II as history background, based on true warships and air craft carriers with exactly details, Reappear the charm of the navy battle. Highly simulate weather changing and naval scene, realistic battleship canon, aircraft carrier bombing special effect, all of above can make players feels like the immersive experience of the navy battlefield! Contact Us: Fackbook: Follow fanspage and contact the administrator to get the Free Luxury gift packs. Game Features: ——Panoramic 3D model, legendary battleship The game is built by senior veteran R&D team in the military field. True 3D panoramic modeling, the battleship model is supervised by the top model instructor, which perfectly restores the original appearance of famous warships such as Montana and Musashi. . The game screen is highly realistic, with the classic warship as a model, the design of the hull structure, from the hull, turret to the dock, deck, command tower, etc., each part is made very fine, faithfully showing the majestic momentum of the classic warship. ——The favorite of bloody army fan , the Iron Legion Not only the most basic friend system, but also the alliance system that competes with each other and the military system that gains the rank of prestige promotion, the players are firmly connected. Coupled with 1v1 athletics, island battles, global history battles, various resources, challenge copies, and many other refreshing gameplay designs. ——Historical names will go out and fight side by side The history of World War II, the world famous, classic battles wrote a scene of war legend. The same game has gathered elite leaders from all over the world. World famous players such as William Frederick and William Nimitz will return to the battlefield to help you out to sea. Not only do they themselves provide a powerful attribute bonus to the warship, but when the life’s enemies or close comrades play at the same time, the ship’s attributes will be greatly improved. ——Rich growing, good experience The game provides hundreds of historic battleships for players to choose from, and after getting the favorite battleships, they can also gain further growth by upgrading components and upgrading the captain. Of course, the above methods of promotion are very intuitive and easy to understand, and are accompanied by rich and meticulous novice guidance, ensuring that new players who come into contact with the game on the first day can also successfully master and have fun.

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1,Open Alliance copy 2,Open alliance war 3,Open the captain's rank training system


  • Global service, competitive at the same time:Global real-time war, no borders, global players simultaneously
  • The classic World War II reappears, the war-torn sea war era:With the real battleship in history, the blue story of the plot, the real scene reproduction
  • Elite sea battle duel, the king dominates the world:Hundreds of warships, dominate the world, the blue waters, the misty waters, the roaring ship guns, give you the top naval experience
  • Continue remotely, don't miss it:New beginning, continue with you classics, skill effects, style, wonderful, sea battle peak

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