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GTA V Game Guides

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GTA V Guide of Game now Windows Store!
This is not a game. Just Guide.

----Strategy Guide
General hints
How to unlock additional content on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?
Using vehicles and motorcycles
Using boats
Using airplanes and helicopters
Choosing equipment
How to earn money quickly (the fastest way to get cash)
Buying properties
Playing on the Stock Exchange
Police and its actions
User Interface
First-person mode
Radio stations
Game editions
Xbox One
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
----Main characters
Characters skills
----Choices and endings
Choices during robberies
----Friendships and Love Affairs
Basic information
----The most interesting places
Government facilities
Los Santos
Easter eggs
The best weapons
Unique Vehicles
Melee fights
Firearms fights
Fights using vehicles
----Activities, Entertainment
Strip Club
Shooting Range
Flight School
Taxi Cabs
How to finish GTA V on 100%?
Cheat codes
Xbox 360
Secret achievements
GTA V - system requirements
----Quests & Missions
Unlocking and the order of completing missions
----Main missions
1: Prologue
2: Franklin and Lamar
3: Repossession
4: Chop
5: Complications
6: Father/Son
7: The Long Stretch
8: Marriage Counseling
9: Daddy's Little Girl
10: Friend Request
Additional mission: The Good Husband
11: Casing the Jewel Store
12: Carbine Rifles
13: The Jewel Store Job - the Loud variant
14: Bugstars Equipment
15: BZ Gas Grenades
16: The Jewel Store Job - the Smart variant
17: Mr. Philips
18: Nervous Ron
19: Trevor Philips Industries
20: Crystal Maze
21: Friends Reunited
22: Fame or Shame
23: Hotel Assassination
24: The Multi Target Assassination
25: Dead Man Walking
26: Did Somebody Say Yoga?
27: Three's Company
28: By the Book
29: Hood Safari
30: Scouting the Port
31: Minisub
32: The Merryweather Heist - the Freighter variant
33: Cargobob
Additional activity: Flight School
34: The Merryweather Heist - the Offshore variant
35: Blitz Play
36: Getaway Vehicle
37: Tow Truck
38: Trash Truck
39: Masks
40: Boiler Suits
41: Blitz Play #2
42: I Fought the Law...
43: Eye in the Sky
44: The Vice Assassination
45: The Bus Assassination
46: Mr. Richards
47: Caida Libre
48: Deep Inside
49: Minor Turbulence
50: The Construction Assassination
51: Paleto Score Setup
52: Military Hardware
53: Predator
54: The Paleto Score
55: Derailed
56: Monkey Business
57: Hang Ten
58: Surveying the Score
59: Bury the Hatchet
60: Pack Man
61: Fresh Meat
62: The Ballad of Rocco
63: Cleaning Out the Bureau
64: Reuniting the Family
65: Architect's Plans
66: Getaway Vehicle #2
67: Fire Truck
68: The Bureau Raid - the Fire Crew variant
69: The Bureau Raid - the Roof Entry variant
70: The Wrap Up
71: Legal Trouble
72: Lamar Down
73: Meltdown
Additional mission: Parenting 101
74: The Big Score
75: Stingers
76: Gauntlet - Pillbox Hill
77: Gauntlet - Rockford Hills
78: Gauntlet - Mission Row
79: The Big Score #2 - the Subtle variant
80: Getaway Vehicle #3
81: Driller
82: Sidetracked
83: The Big Score #2 - the Obvious variant
Finale - Introduction
Ending A: Something Sensible
Ending B: The Time's Come
Ending C: The Third Way
----Strangers and Freaks missions
Strangers and Freaks missions
Pulling Favors
Pulling Another Favor
Pulling Favors Again
Still Pulling Favors
Pulling One Last Favor
Shift Work
Paparazzo - The Sex Tape
Paparazzo - The Partnership
Paparazzo - The Meltdown
Paparazzo - The Highness
Paparazzo - Reality Check
Exercising Demons - Michael
Exercising Demons - Franklin
Exercising Demons - Trevor
Grass Roots - Michael
Grass Roots - Trevor
Grass Roots - Franklin
Grass Roots - The Drag
Grass Roots - The Pickup
Grass Roots - Franklin #2
Maude: Ralph Ostrowski
Maude: Larry Tupper
Maude: Glenn Scoville
Maude: Curtis Weaver
Target Practice
Fair Game
Rampage One
Rampage Two
Rampage Three
Rampage Four
Rampage Five
Far Out (Omega)
Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill
Vinewood Souvenirs - Willie
Vinewood Souvenirs - Kerry
Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark
Vinewood Souvenirs - Tyler
Vinewood Souvenirs - Al Di Napoli
Vinewood Souvenirs - The Last Act
The Civil Border Patrol
An American Welcome
Minute Man Blues
Risk Assessment
Liquidity Risk
Targeted Risk
Uncalculated Risk
Extra Commission
Closing the Deal
Surreal Estate
Breach of Contract
Seeking the Truth
Accepting the Truth
Assuming the Truth
Chasing the Truth
Bearing the Truth
Delivering the Truth
Exercising the Truth
Unknowing the Truth
A Starlet in Vinewood
Mrs. Richards
The Last One
----Property missions
Property missions
McKenzie Field Hangar
Car Scrapyard
Ten Cent Theater
Downtown Cab Co.
Tivoli Theater
Doppler Cinema
Smoke on the Water
The Hen House
----Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery
Dead woman
----Random events
Random events
----Other Quests
Wildlife Photography Challenge
Duke O'Death Car
Hydroplane Dodo
Stock Car Racing

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Cheats for GTA

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L'application Cheats for GTA vous apporte une solution simple et rapide pour accéder aux codes de triche de chaque jeu Grand Theft Auto.

Toucher le logo d'un jeu pour voir leurs codes. Choisissez entre différentes consoles / plateformes si disponible.

Aucune connexion internet n'est nécessaire après avoir téléchargé cette application.

Grâce à l'étonnante Communauté, Cheats for GTA est maintenant localisé en plusieurs langues. Si vous souhaitez aider à traduire des Cheats for GTA en votre langue, ou de voir des progrès ou présenter des corrections, rendez-vous sur :

• Grand Theft Auto V - PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox One/PC
• Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - DS/PSP/iOS/Android
• GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony - PS3/360/PC
• GTA IV: The Lost and Damned - PS3/360/PC
• Grand Theft Auto IV - PS3/360/PC
• Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - PSP/PS2
• Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - PSP/PS2
• Grand Theft Auto Advance - GBA
• Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - PS2/PC/Xbox
• Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - PS2/PC/Xbox
• Grand Theft Auto III - PS2/PC/Xbox
• Grand Theft Auto 2 - PC/PS1/DC/GBC
• Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 - PC/PS1
• Grand Theft Auto - PC/PS1/GBC

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