A new way to think about digital transformation: AI 360° model

Business leaders across the world are asking themselves a few questions: How can my company use AI effectively? Are we exploring the right business opportunities?

The journey to digital transformation through AI isn't a clear or straightforward one—the technologies are changing and developing all the time. It can be difficult to know how to structure an approach to AI innovation.

With this in mind, Microsoft has developed the AI 360° Model to help spark these conversations and provide some strategic structure to digital transformation planning and it was designed to help you get the most of AI for your organization, with three primary uses in mind:

  1. As a strategic model for guiding investment in AI.
  2. To support digital transformation planning.
  3. To identify where AI is currently being implemented in your company and areas where it has the potential to be deployed going forward.
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The Ernst & Young AI report for MEA

The Artificial Intelligence in MEA Report was created by Microsoft and Ernst & Young to examine the uses of AI in greater detail. Based on input from 112 companies, across 5 countries and 7 sectors, the report gives unprecedented insight into the application of AI technologies across MEA. Its insights provide the basis for the new 360° model.

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The AI promise

Deep dive into the different ways AI can help your business. Learn about Microsoft’s vision for AI in the enterprise.

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Grow your understanding of AI

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AI Virtual Conference

The AI Virtual Conference is an online event where you will hear from experts as they deep dive into business transformation with AI across various industries and organization sizes.

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AI in Industries

Microsoft AI combines the capabilities of computers with human ingenuity to transform industries and improve efficiency, safety, and so much more.

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AI Business School

With AI changing the way business works all across all industries, the aim of the Microsoft AI Business School is to share insights and practical guidance from top executives on how to use AI to grow your business.

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Customer stories

Find out how companies are changing the face of the business landscape with the help of AI and the latest technology.
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AI stories

AI is a game-changer in the future of business, and it has already started showing incredible results all over the world. Here are some stories of how AI is changing not just the world of business, but the world itself.

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AI empowering innovation

Microsoft AI is a tool that has the potential to radically change not only the world of business, but the world itself. Organizations all over the world are making the most of Microsoft AI to achieve the most incredible things.

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