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Why risk it?
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There is a 33% chance of malware
if a PC has unlicensed software.

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Risks of Unlicensed Software

Unlicensed software pose a number of risks.
Think twice before your next purchase.

Unlicensed software may have viruses and would not have sufficent security measures, which would leave the door open for hackers and viruses. This could have serious implications on you personally or your business.

How to Stay Protected

Know your software prior to purchasing: A Guide.

The Risks in Numbers

Chart showing how tightly linked are software and malware encounters. Source IDC

Malware infections are associated with unlicensed software

Globally, there is a strong and consistent correlation (r-0.78) between using unlicensed software and encountering malware. So, the higher the usage of unlicensed software, the higher the risk of encountering malware.

Despite this high correlation, unlicensed software continues to be deployed at an alarming rate. In four out of six regions – Asia-Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America – the majority of software deployed on personal computers is unlicensed. Moreover, IDC estimates that there is a one-in-three chance of encountering malware when purchasing unlicensed software.