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Maccabi Healthcare Services streamlines and secures daily workflows with Microsoft Power Apps

Two medical professionals looking at a tablet and a computer screen.


Roche and Microsoft Sign a Memorandum of Understanding to improve healthcare sector through technology.

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Nuance and Microsoft partner to transform the doctor-patient experience

A group of women in South Africa in the waiting room of a healthcare center.

Phulukisa Healthcare

Using the power of AI to improve remote care and save more lives.

Medical provider reviewing information on a tablet with patient.

National Health Service

Improving patient experience and clinician productivity.

Two medical professionals looking at an MRI scan.

Case Western Reserve University

Using quantum computing to increase speed of MRI scans and improve accuracy to diagnosis by almost 30%.

Achieve better outcomes across healthcare

Improve patient experiences, orchestrate integrated operations across clinical and administrative staff, and gather new levels of insight to improve operational outcomes.

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