Every wish counts

Every wish counts

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"The world - interpreted": AI-based Augmented Reality for Autism

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For people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the world sometimes may need some interpretation,. Such is the case with my 11 year old son, who is on the autistic spectrum (high functioning). In his case, social interactions can be a riddle - and I help "unriddle the world" for him, for example by telling him to step back if he is talking to close to someone, or prompting him to notice when someone's face is angry or offended. Imagine how AI could make his, and other autistic people's, life easier: with AI based, augmented reality glasses which are non intrusive - he could get similar prompts (using face recognition and sentiment identification, he would be advised if someone he is talking to is angry, disgusted or offended; using spatial awareness he would be prompted as to the distance of the people he is talk to, and so much more!). AI based Augmented Reality glasses could unriddle the world for Autistic people - in real time. It is my real dream and my real passion to see this idea become a reality!

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