Every wish counts

Every wish counts

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Paragliding and hangliding application

2 kids flying to the sky

I am a paraglider in South Africa with an international license tat allows me to fly in other countries as well. I would love to see an application that integrates into weather services and able to send me notifications ahead of time on selected sites when optimal flying conditions should occur. Once at the site I would like the app to log my flight live, showing me the heights reached, track my flightpath, distance and duration. Upon landing I would like the app to upload my flight to a digital logbook that I can then add any maneuvers executed during the flight (spiral, wingover, big ears etc). I want to be able to share my logbook and flights with the safety officer of my flying club for verification. It would be great if I can add images and video as well. I would also like to see other pilots that have flown the same sights as well as the flight tracking that they have uploaded to be able to compare flight paths etc. I would also like the ability to rate both sites and pilots

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