Apps that work with Microsoft Surface Hub

Find out which apps work great with pen and touch on Surface Hub’s large display.

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Surface Hub.

Surface Hub can run any Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app and comes with pre-installed Microsoft apps including: Power BI, OneDrive, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Microsoft Edge (all free).

Here are other apps that work great with pen and touch on Surface Hub’s large display:

Apps for collaboration:

3D Play: Visualize and experiment with 3D objects
AutoCAD 360: View, create, edit and share AutoCAD drawings (free)
AVEVA Engage Demonstrator: Experience AVEVA’s 3D Decision Support solution for digital assets (free)
Bullclip: Collaborative PDF markup and drawing management platform for AEC industries (free)
Buzz Radar Command Center: Captures and transforms real-time social media data into insightful visualizations (free)
Catchbook: Converts drawings and sketches into editable vector diagrams (free)
CollaBoard: Real-time virtual collaboration workspace (free)
Drawboard PDF: With an intuitive user interface, superior inking and a wide variety of annotation tools, Drawboard PDF helps your team stay on the same page, regardless of location.
Exact Hour Entry: Time registration for accurate customer invoicing (free)
Mural: Designed to replace the need for paper sticky notes, chart paper, and pens, Mural is available on multiple platforms, built in Azure and used by companies of all sizes. (free)
Muscular System 3D (Anatomy): Next generation anatomy atlas in 3D. Rotate and zoom in on the entire musculoskeletal system. (free trial)
Plumbago, a Microsoft Garage Project : A digital notebook with handwriting smoothing, realistic ink, and more (free)
Portal by Headcandy: Supports creative brainstorm sessions as a fully functional digital mind mapping tool.
SandDance: Explore, identify, and communicate insights about data through a dynamic and customizable interface designed for multi-user collaboration. (free trial)
Siemens JT2Go: Review 3D models of parts or products without a PLM/3D CAD system, including integrated inking and fluid gestures to rotate, zoom info, and isolate individual parts of a 3D design. (free)
Sketchable: Scribble a note, snap and edit a picture, import and augment an image, or paint a masterwork. (free)
StaffPad: Write music using your digital pen and StaffPad will transform it into a beautifully typeset set score that you can edit, playback, print, and share.
Stormboard: Capture ideas on digital notecards and share them with others worldwide. (free)
TechSmith Loop Demo : Brings side-by-side immediate video review technology into the workplace to identify flaws and opportunities to improve performance (free)
The 3D Classroom : Make tailored visual teaching tools across biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, and geography (free trial)
Virbeya Demo : Digitally track and manage Lean Manufacturing processes from anywhere in the world. (free)
XOS Thundercloud: A cloud-based digital media management platform for sports. It integrates data, video, and content on a single platform to seamlessly manage, distribute and analyze information. (free)

Utility apps:

AirServer Surface Hub Edition: Wirelessly project iOS and MAC displays to Surface Hub.
Ax-Lite video player: UWP video player (free)
Hub Media Player: Easily access media files and documents stored on USB flash drives. (free)
File Manager 10: Network file management tool (free)
Remote Desktop Preview: Connect to remote Windows PCs. (free)
Save to USB: Save and recall Surface Hub Whiteboards to USB. (free trial)
Surface Hub Hardware Diagnostic: Make sure your Surface Hub is performing at its best. (free)
Surface Hub Retail Demo: Useful for tradeshows and other events to quickly tell the Surface Hub story (free)
VLC by VideoLAN: Portable and open source cross-platform media player and streaming media server (free)

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