Optimized for the Cloud

Many websites demand higher availability and scale, on demand. With WebMatrix, you can directly deploy your web sites to Windows Azure and enjoy full support for the new Windows Azure Web Sites.

Publish to Windows Azure

If you already have a local website, it’s easy to publish directly to the cloud. Simply download the publish profile from the Windows Azure portal, import the profile in WebMatrix, and you're ready.

Open from Windows Azure

If you already have a live website hosted in Windows Azure that you want to start editing, you can click the WebMatrix button in the Windows Azure portal. With this single click, you can install WebMatrix and any prerequisites, and download a copy of the site to your computer so that you can edit it locally.

Learn more about downloading your site from Windows Azure.

Download Your Website

If your site is running in Windows Azure, you can use the portal as described above. But even if your site is running on a different hosting provider, you can still download it from within WebMatrix.

WebMatrix will download the site's content and its database, and install all the dependencies you need, such as SQL Server, MySQL, Node or PHP.

Remote File Editing

If you're in a hurry or just prefer to edit remotely, you can open your site directly inside WebMatrix. You can open any site, whether it's hosted on Windows Azure, on a hosting provider, or even on an internal server.

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