WebMatrix Sign In

Building web sites for the cloud is easier than ever! WebMatrix 3 allows you to open and provision web sites in Windows Azure. If you don’t already have Windows Azure Web Sites, you'll be prompted to sign up for a free trial, which includes 10 web sites that you can keep even after the free trial ends.

You can sign in any time by clicking "Sign in" at the top right corner, using your Microsoft account (formerly Live ID) or organizational identity.

How to get started

It's easy to get started! If you don't have a Windows Azure account, click on the button below to sign up for one.

Sign up for Windows Azure

You can also sign into WebMatrix with your Microsoft account or organizational identity, and enable Windows Azure during sign in.

To learn more about Windows Azure Web Sites, click here.

Benefits of Sign In

Once signed in, your name and picture will appear in the right-hand corner of WebMatrix. When you create a local site, you'll get an option to provision a remote companion site on Windows Azure automatically. If you don't want to provision a remote site, it's easy to skip (and you can easily provision it later using the Publish button).

All of your sites on Windows Azure will be listed in My Sites, even if you’ve never previously opened them in WebMatrix.

How Sign In Works

Once you’re signed in with your Microsoft account or organizational identity, WebMatrix will generate and download a management certificate for Windows Azure for all of your subscriptions.

How Sign Out Works

When you click sign out, WebMatrix will remove any reference to your account and will also delete the management certificate it created on Windows Azure.

Multiple Accounts and Import

You can sign in with multiple accounts and easily switch between them. You can also import a management certificate directly – this is convenient if you work in a team environment or need to conserve management certificates.

If you need to avoid adding all subscriptions when you sign in, you can do this by creating and importing your own management certificates from the portal.

Next Steps

Sign up for Windows Azure


Sign into WebMatrix with your Microsoft account or organizational identity, and enable Windows Azure during sign in.

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