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Microsoft Summit Greece

Microsoft Synthesis

We had it all planned. The speakers. The venue. The happenings. We just couldn’t wait to host you in our 5th Microsoft Summit.

But then, the unexpected occurred. And we had to reconsider. Should we move it to later in the year or just stream it online? And then, we realized we had to redesign it from scratch. When the unexpected occurs, new questions arise. And it was those questions we had to focus on:

What’s happening? What will the future look like? What’s the role of technology in this future? To be honest, we didn’t know the answers. But we felt those were the right questions. And as such, a new project came up:

Microsoft Synthesis.

Microsoft Synthesis is an evolution of what Microsoft Summit always stands for: bringing the latest discussions around technology in Greece in real-time, as they happen around the world. In Microsoft Synthesis, a new endeavor jointly produced by Microsoft and SKAI, we are exploring how in a rapidly transforming world, full of global-scale challenges, technology is an enabler and a catalyst at the same time.

Global thinkers, business and political leaders, decision makers but also members of the civil society virtually meet up, discuss, and explore our new reality.

Join us in 4 online episodes to discover how a mosaic of opinions and perspectives can be synthesized, to provide food for thought rather than ready-made answers to the most pressing issues of our times.

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